Mobile And Stationary Sand Filling Systems

Mobile Sand Filling Systems

Mobile sand filling systems for the environmental friendly supply of rail vehicles with brake sand enjoy a good reputation all over the world.

The experienced Railquip team offers support and advice, from the planning of your maintenance facilities and the construction of your sand boxes and/or their filling openings to extensive service and maintenance of the system. Take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience!

Technical Data and Specific Features:

  • independent of external air and electric power supplies during
  • the sand filling process at the rail car vehicles
  • compact design, low weight
  • ease of operation
  • manoeuverable either manually or by means of a forklift
  • filled from sand storage silos, big -bag equipments or sand bags
  • sand filling hose including filling nozzle (registered design)
  • sand filling capacity approx. 2.64 gallons/min
  • internal air and electric power supply sufficient to fill approx
  • 264-317 gallons brake sand
  • integrated dust extraction
  • protected control elements for electric and pneumatic functions
  • color RAL 1028 safety yellow

Length: 37.4″ Width: 29.5″ Height: 46″ Weight: 450 lbs. Sand Content: 26.5 gallons