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Our scope of supply includes the maintenance equipment and machinery, installation, commissioning, testing, operator training, and full after sale-service. We have a variety of equipment specifically designed for the rail and rail transit industries. Our capabilities also include the resources to design and engineer custom solutions for your rail and rail transit maintenance needs. To view our complete catalog, click below.

Railcar Movers
Lifting Equipment
Railbound Crane

Lift Equipment For The Railroad & Automotive Industries

Railquip, Inc. is a Georgia corporation, which was established on May 2nd 1983. Railquip is proud to have recently celebrated our 35th anniversary. Our primary business is the supply of maintenance equipment and machinery for car and locomotive, maintenance shops, in addition to maintenance of way equipment and supplies for the railroad and rail transit industries.

Additionally, Railquip, Inc.  offers a complete line of heavy-duty garage maintenance and lifting equipment primarily for the truck and bus industries.

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