We’re Blue and We’re Green

Gets the Job Done While Protecting Our Environment

Railroad and transit operators have been asking for years for a quiet, effective, and non-polluting solution to satisfy their car moving needs. As a result, the design and manufacturing team worked for several years to perfect a concept that included an effective solution to air and noise pollution, without sacrificing power. Operator safety is enhanced due to the simplicity of design and the maintenance costs are minimized by the elimination of the mechanical complexities of the larger combustion engine type car movers.

Railquip Battery Powered Railcar Mover Remote

Benefits include:

Our units are 100% remote control operated
Railquip’s Maxi’s use a tiller/draw-bar to move the unit into place, then switch to remote control once on rails. Our units simplify this by being completely remote control operated, which makes the entire process of transitioning between Road and Rail operations easier and seamless.
Easy transition of Road and Rail without need of extra monitoring systems (cameras and etc)
With the use of a tiller/draw-bar, moving the unit from Road to Rail gets difficult since you can’t see the wheel alignment to ensure the unit properly gets on rail. With the remote control system, the operator is able to verify the rail-wheel alignment at all times during the process without the use of a camera system – due to not being restricted to a console/draw-bar/tiller in order to transition between road and rail.