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The loading dock turntable provides an innovative solution to getting goods delivered, waste removed, and more in tight spaces. Many cities have restrictions on busy roads that require trucks to enter and exit loading docks forward facing only. Instead of taking up the necessary space for a truck to turn around, turntables allow the client to reduce the dock size, by half in some cases, and allow trucks to safely enter and exit.

This saved space can now be utilized for more important areas for the client. Strict noise criteria is another benefit of the turntables as it operates with low friction prevents the need of vehicles reversing with noisy alarms and horns. Clients have seen a reduction in damage in the dock space with a turntable making it easier for drivers to enter and exit without making many sophisticated movements.

Railquip Loading Dock Turntables are robust, reliable, easy to operate and cost effective.

Optimize Space

  • Reduce Space required for truck movements
  • More room for you to work
  • Simplify traffic path design

Flexibility in Design

  • Create more design options
  • Install into suspended slabs with 250MM Setdown
  • Position trucks anywhere

Increase Efficiency

  • Simplify movements for end user
  • Load and unload effectively
  • Eliminate difficult maneuvers

Increase Profit for Your Client

  • Create room for more valuable users
  • Accept larger trucks or lorries
  • Design for extra revenue

Design a Better Loading Dock

  • Design a loading dock in less space
  • Optimize the space for other more valuable uses
  • Low profile design suitable for suspended slabs
  • A design improvement that pays for itself within months
  • A smarter way to position trucks safely

Quality & Warranty

Railquip Loading Dock Turntables quality is backed by our 2 year warranty on all moving parts and a 15 year warranty on our structures. Our products are engineered to last. We offer an extended warranty on moving parts to 5 years, for all customers who engage in an Annual service (conducted by Railquip Turntables Service Agent) for this period. The annual services can be included in your initial purchase to lock in current service rates. Subject to warranty terms and conditions.

Our Customers

Truck Turntable provides a solution for our customers, allowing them to maximize their space, allowing larger trucks to be loaded and unloaded efficiently. It will also reduce the required space for these zones, adding additional space to the buildings purpose, more retail space or warehouse space.

The traffic flow is much better with a turntable as it will eliminate the need to reverse off the street (impeding traffic) or having a space to turn the trucks around outside the loading docks.

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