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Our heavy truck turntables service a wide range of applications, while bringing the key benefits of saving space efficiently and safely.

It often makes financial sense to deliver goods to a business in the largest truck possible, because costs per pallet are lower, fewer resources are required and the impact on the environment and roads is reduced.

A heavy truck turntable can give you the ability to do this without compromising on retail or warehouse space. They can be situated in an area that only allows for medium trucks to deliver, because a turntable can rotate a larger vehicle in the same amount of space.

This range can accommodate more than one truck at a time, increasing deliveries per shift and reducing queuing. With a set-down as low as 250mm, heavy truck turntables can provide all these benefits and be installed within a suspended slab. As with all of our turntables, we can locate your turntable where the truck rotates, parks and then is unloaded with a forklift.

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