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Today, turntable pallet wrappers are considered a crucial part of most of our shipping operations.  They have increased efficiency and reduced manual labor by making it easy for us to speed up our cargo packaging for transportation. A Low profile turntable has numerous benefits and is the more preferred option because of its ease of loading and unloading on any side.

The main difference between low and high-profile turntable pallet wrappers is their height of elevation of their base-level from the ground. A high-profile machine sits eight inches on top of the ground. On the other hand, a low-profile turntable sits a meager three inches above ground level. 

A low profile pallet wrapper turntable eliminates the need for a long loading ramp which greatly minimizes their overall footprint. A high-profile pallet wrapper turntable requires a forklift vehicle to unload and load pallets during shrink wrapping. This means if your forklift has a problem, the operations might discontinue.

Benefits of A  Low Profile Turntable

Low-profile pallet wrapper turntables have numerous benefits over high profile turntables. They include:

Ease of Loading and Unloading

A high-profile pallet wrapper turntable requires more effort to get the load into the machine. You ran the risk of running off the ramp or even dumping your load. The mere three-inch elevation makes it easy for you or your workers to load and unload without too much effort or worrying about adding safety equipment to prevent the load from falling.


With a low-profile pallet wrapper, you can either choose to use a pallet jack or a forklift to load and unload. With a high-profile turntable, you have to use a forklift to move your loads. A low-profile machine will enable your operations to continue uninterrupted even if your forklift breaks down.

Reduces The Risk of Damage

Low-profile pallet wrappers highly reduce the risk of fall and damage because they sit closer to the ground. In high-profile turntables, there is a high risk of crashing your driver or worker if they’re going to get distracted or tired. It is easy to accidentally drive the skid directly into a platform with a raised loading and wrap area leading to the destruction or damage to the products, pallet, or machine.

Also, it is easier for the forklift driver to spot through the mast and set the load at the center of the turntable without any difficulty. This also reduces the risk of falls and damage while increasing the speed of packaging.

Saves Space

A low-profile pallet wrapper turntable will occupy a smaller pace than its high-profile counterpart. You will improve efficiency while saving the floor space and overall area for your pallet wrapping operations. Also, you’ll not need a loading ramp. You choose your turntable based on the size of the diameter depending on the number or weight of your loads or the load capacity.

The Drive System of the Low Profile Turntable is Highly Reliable

The typical designs of low-profile turntables are powered using a belt or chain-driven system. They’re highly reliable, and you’ll only need to make routine repair and maintenance services for your low-profile pallet wrapper over the course of its life cycle.

Choosing Stretch Wrappers

There are automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrappers. For automatic stretch wrapping machines, the forklift operator or driver will begin the wrapping cycle without the need to leave his driver’s seat. This helps save time and extra effort. Semi-automatic wrappers will require extra physical efforts, including walking over to select the wrapping program in the control panel and removing the wrapped pallet after every cycle. Choosing either automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers will also depend on the type of packaging operations. 

Quality low profile turntable system will provide you with an excellent operating technique to wrap your loads for safe transportation. This is also worth it if you have a large number of packages. The price is also fair compared to the price you would have paid for manual labor. The turntable is portable and can be used to access other parts or sections of the warehouse if you need to wrap other products.

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