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Our construction turntables help get the job done faster and safer – while using less space.

This range services projects for infrastructure and construction, including projects such as tunnels and road builds. Construction turntables are temporary and can be used for the demolition, excavation and construction phases of a project.

If you want to have more truck cycles per shift to help reduce the schedule and keep costs down, or are on a tight city site with traffic management issues, we may be able to help. These units are tough enough to take more than one vehicle at a time and have the redundancy built in to ensure you do not get delayed.

We have construction turntables available for hire. so you don’t have to allocate capital expenditure. In addition, all servicing is taken care of by Railquip, to give you peace of mind for critical equipment. We can customize a solution specific to your project, industry or requirements.

It is now common for city councils to require construction trucks to enter and exit sites in a forward direction. Trucks reversing across footpaths and onto the road is dangerous and disruptive to traffic, especially during construction. Using a turntable not only complies with regulation, it helps reduce public complaints.

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