Cable Laying Carousel

Railquip Turntables are used in many rough environments in the construction, mining, and other industries.

Because of this, the turntables need to be robust, reliable and able to withstand harsh environments. This includes sitting on the end of a pier with salt water from the ocean, dirt, dust and other foreign materials from mining trucks.

Another industry requiring heavy duty turntables for critical operations in an extreme environment is the Marine Cable Laying industry. In order to bring power and communication from one location to another that is separated by water, carousels are used to slowly lay cable on the bottom of the body of water (ocean, river, lake, etc). This can be accomplished by placing a basket of cable on top of a turntable or manufacturing the turntable with posts to assist with spooling the cable. Cable laying carousels are used in conjunction with many other components installed on barges. Railquip can provide these turntables at any diameter and capacity necessary, depending on what the barge can hold.

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