Single Axle drop tables are here to do the work efficiently and fast. They are a steel machinery framework containing self-locking machine screws of bronze nuts and a follow-up of steel safety nuts. Single Axle Drop Tables target a quicker installation of the locomotive wheelset, including the motor assembly. Another function they are capable of performing is changing single axles that have traction/electric motors.

That is why it is more cost-effective and highly efficient compared to the other drop tables. Companies, corporations, and industries requiring heavy-duty lifting and rotating products use it. Maintenance and repair would prove difficult without the help of these machines.

 This article is here to shed light on all facts you need to know on the single Axle Drop Table and help you understand how it will save you and your company some cash.

Types of Drop Tables

There are various types of drop tables. Their major function is to first release all single axle traction motors from locomotives, lower them, and transfer them while following a service track that required repair or maintenance. Note, the drop tables work on any class 1 locomotives.

Single Axis Drop Tables

They are well designed to change single axle with traction motors. A traction motor is an electric motor responsible for converting electric energy into mechanical energy.

Shallow Pit Scissors Lift-Drop Tables

These drop tables are designed to facilitate effective removal and replacement of single axles having traction motors. The machine screws are put inside two synchronized lifting platforms and shielded from debris and damage. For maximum wear life, the jack nuts are lubricated and guided through the entire stroke.

The key benefit of using The Shallow Pit Scissors Lift-Drop Table is that it saves you from investing in costly deep pit construction and avoiding water table problems.

Full Truck Drop Tables

According to its design, it is capable of accommodating two and three-axle trucks. An axle is a central shaft with a rotating wheel or even a gear. A bonus advantage of utilizing the Full Track Drop Table is that it can accommodate a single axle removal since it has a split service top. Hence it provides multiple services that come in handy. For protection against debris and damage, the machine screws are put behind the lifting columns.



One of the main advantages of Full Truck Drop Table is its functioning as it is designed and functioning as a Single Axle Drop Table.

How Single Axle Drop Table operates

Its operation is effectively and efficiently possible due to the presence of the drop table. The drop table travels in a pit that is already established on the pit rails. The system was developed to aid in the transversal movement of the drop table. It operates directly proportional to the service and release tracks.

The service track rail height has wall lock pockets which the drop table locks. This action is usually to support the weight of the locomotive as it cruises along the service track. It also prevents the load from infiltrating into the machinery base or lift column. The service top will easily move an additional two inches up the service track rail height when beneath the locomotive. Spring compression is well accommodated; hence traction motor is removed. All these are made possible by the service, which disengages to accomplish that task.  

The removed electric motor is well balanced on the service top by a traction motor dolly. A dolly is a small truck without means of steering that is slipped under a load.

Afterward, the entire assembly lowers into the pit through the lift column to a desirable depth before the system can travel to a new location. These processes involving lowering, lifting, movement along the service track can either be automated or manual.

As soon as it gets to the release track, the service top will raise the bascule top by manually operating the wall actuators. The bascule top can either be automated or motorized.

Key benefits of Single Axle Drop Tables

The following are numerous benefits of using this machine: –

Fast and Effective

It has a quicker installation time compared to the other drop tables, and it’s more cost-effective. It is also useful in changing single axles that have a traction motor.

Customized Accordingly

Free multi-turn encoders and available height position sensor, present in each column as a safety precaution. It also has a lifting column possessing a Variable Frequency Drive and is independent.

Sufficiently Automated

An operator is fully automated. When you press the button, the automatic table positioning utilizing unrestricted laser feedback starts performing its task efficiently.

In case of erroneous information or even drop table location, the Operator station provides it on HMI display.

Maintenance of Single Axle Drop Table

For a piece of equipment to give a long-lasting service to the user, it needs maintenance. When the equipment breaks or malfunctions, it also requires a repair system.

Whiting Corporation, situated close to Chicago, Illinois, deals with heavy-duty manufacturing and railcar maintenance. Whiting is a trusted name for independent maintenance shops, lifting equipment, traction motor assemblies, municipal transit authorities, and railcar builders. It actually performs the task of maintenance equipment.

The Single Axle Drop Table falls under the category of lifting equipment. In case of any problem, corporations such as Whiting should be a partner with you.

Railquip will help with all single Axle Drop Table needs

 Railquip corporation is a corporation benefitting from Drop Tables. It was established on 2nd may 1983 by Helmut Schroeder, a German native, but was later taken over by Louie Schroeder in 2018.

Their experience in the industry is what makes them stand out.

The Railquip specializes in supplying cars, locomotives, and maintenance shops with equipment used for maintenance and repair. It is not limited to providing services; it also has vast knowledge and experience in design, installation, and fabrication. RailQuip has experience in designing the service 60-Ton single Axle Drop Table.

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