One of our customers in New York was having issues with an existing turntable by a different manufacturer. Being the problem solvers that we are, Railquip’s sales staff provided the customer with a feasible solution they couldn’t turn down. We supplied the customer with one of our own loading dock turntables and even helped them remove the previously-installed turntable. Railquip’s turntable has better safety and self-monitoring features, even the customer was highly impressed. Within two weeks, the customer is up and running with a more efficient, longer-lasting loading dock turntable!


Our loading dock turntable range starts at 6.5 metres in diameter, and increases from there.

They are indispensable to developments that regularly take delivery from small rigid vehicles, and private contractors with small garbage trucks can gain all the benefits of a truck turntable that satisfies their specific requirements.

A space can be small yet still busy in terms of vehicular traffic: our loading dock turntables can rotate multiple vehicles at a time, to save on delivery times and to reduce queuing within the most efficient space possible.

Our loading dock turntables are built tough – just like their larger siblings – so any vehicle on the road can traverse them all day, every day. With low profile set downs, you can install these in suspended slabs over multiple levels and alongside a vehicle lift, allowing you to remove the need for ramps while still being able to enter and exit in a forwards direction.