Size Matters

Railquip News

When the XL wasn’t enough, we created the XXL.

At Railquip, we believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We enjoy offering the most advanced equipment for the rail and transit industries without having to sacrifice quality. When comparing to our industry competitors, Railquip offers battery powered railcar movers that are just as advanced, if not more, but are more compact in size. This allows customers better handling of our equipment.

What’s the hype?

  • Hybrid with Diesel/Electric Power for Road/Rail Operations
  • Push/Pull capacity of approx. 2200 t
  • Radio remote control with 656 ft. range
  • Turning radius approx. 393.7″
  • Optional cabin with 360° view
  • For track gauges from 39.4” to 66”
  • Speed without load: max. 0-79.32 mph (0-15 km/h)
  • Speed with load: max. 0-3.73 mph (0-6 km/h)
  • Radio Remote Control on road and rail
  • Traction capacity: 2,000 tons (on dry level-even track)
  • Weight: approx. 52,911 lbs. (24,000 kg)
  • Dimensions (approx) :
    • Length – 203”
    • Width – 98”
    • Height – 136”
  • Includes a cabin for optional manual operation