Sanding Systems


RAILQUIP Mobile Sanding Trailer

In order to prevent wheel slippage, locomotives have sandboxes that hold approximately 60 cubic feet of sand that is used to add traction to the drive wheels. In front of each drive wheel is a nozzle that uses compressed air to dispense sand on the rail directly in front of the wheel. In order to fill these sandboxes, railroad mechanics have to empty 50 pound bags, one at a time. With the weight of the sand bag and the location of the sandbox on the locomotive, this makes for a dangerous situation.

Railquip offers a Mobile Sanding Trailer that makes filling locomotive sandboxes safe, easier and much faster. In addition, the trailer is road legal and can be taken to any location where a locomotive is in need of sand, instead of having to bring the locomotive to a fixed sanding location.


    • 10k GVWR with pintle hook
    • ~16ft length
    • Additional storage capacity for other tools and equipment
    • 2.5 Ton capacity tank, ASME coded, overpressure relief protection (upgrade to 5 Ton for additional capacity)
    • Sand wand with locking stand located at center rear outlet to allow for sanding on either side of trailer
    • Integrated tank access ladder for manual filling (add storage silos for easy filling and no climbing necessary)
    • Pressure purge system
    • Compressor w/ receiver, gas powered
    • Compressor bypass, 2-way
      • power from outside source (shop air, locomotive, other)
      • utilize compressor for pneumatic tools
    • Inline desiccant dryer with prefilter
    • All necessary piping, valves, etc.
    • High level bin sensor
    • Visual light indication when sandbox full
    • Integrates into trailer wiring