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DH 1600

  • 25 to 176 Ton Capacity Crane Models Available
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powered
  • Self-propelled at 15 MPH or 75 MPH in Train Consist
  • Boom Telescopes with Load on Hook
  • Used under Catenary or in Tunnels
  • Clear Derailments/Track Laying/Bridge Work/Pile Driving/Other Heavy Duty Material Handling
  • Lift Rolling Stock Inside Tunnels with Rescue Fork
  • Can be Equipped to Operate in super Elevated Curves under full Capacity


Maximum super – elevation 6.3 inches. The crane is equipped with a leveling device that automatically levels the crane when traveling into an elevated track section. It guarantees to keep the crane’s center of gravity point. Thus, the lifting capacities free on wheels remain unchanged even in elevated curves. The vertical wheel loads remain the same as on level tracks. Note: Technical data can be modified during the design stage if technical progress affords such modification. This will not affect the general concept.

What Is a Rail Crane?

In general, a rail crane is used on the railroad for one of three basic purposes. These include freight handling in goods yards, permanent way maintenance, and accident recovery efforts. When it comes to the basic construction of the rail crane, they are all the same at the core, with adjustments made for the needs of the job.

There is a rotating rail crane body that is mounted to a chassis that has flanged wheels. This body will support the boom (jib) and provides the needed lifting and operating mechanisms. Larger rail crane versions will also have an operator’s cabin.

Features of DH 1600 Rail Crane

In addition to being the world’s strongest telescopic railway crane, the DH 1600 has a variety of great benefits that your company can take advantage of with your investment in Railquip. These include:

  • 25 to 176-ton capacity model availability
  • Diesel-hydraulic powered
  • Self-propelled at 15MPH or 75MPH in train consist
  • Telescoping boom (jib) at full extension with a load on the hook
  • Use for under catenary or in tunnels
  • Can be used for:
  • clearing derailments
  • track laying
  • bridgework
  • pile driving
  • heavy duty material handling
  • Ability to lift rolling stock in transit tunnels with the rescue fork
  • Can be equipped to operate in extremely elevated curves with full capacity

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Benefits of 172 Ton Lifting Capacity and Elevation Compensation

The rail crane is equipped with a leveling device to automatically level the crane when traveling along the horizontal plane in an elevated track direction. With the leveling device, the rail crane is guaranteed to maintain the center of gravity point in the centre line of the rail track direction.

No matter the elevated curve, then the lifting capacity of the rail crane boom remains consistent, and you will have clear visibility in the track direction. The vertical wheel loads will also remain the same as on a level horizontal plane. Any technical data can be modified at the design stage if the progress allows for the requested modifications.

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From high lifting capacity to telescoping boom, the ability to be operated in super elevated curves, and so much more, our line of rail cranes is sure to include the one you need. Call us today for more information and to find out why you could greatly benefit from the world’s strongest telescopic boom railway crane from Railquip in Georgia!

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