Motorized / Manual Turntable



  • Smooth and easy to operate Large Diameter Truck Turntables turned by just one operator.
  • Their simplicity of design and ease of manual operation provides cost effective results.
  • Railquip can custom engineer a turntable in any configuration, size or capacity to suit your needs.

Motorized / Manual Turntable

The regular maintenance of a turntable is essential and contributes to your rail operations. If you are looking to prevent damage and maximize the use of your machine and vehicles, you will want to make sure that you avoid build-up dust, improve the quality, and account for the hours of use. If you can do so, you can have better experiences within your operations. Whether you are looking to account for wear and tear or think of an element you need to replace, our technicians are here to help with your maintenance and repair needs.

Reach out to Rail Quip to keep your materials in good condition. We are proud to be transportation machinery and equipment specialists. We can certainly help with wear and tear aspects and ensure no jarring effects operating your machines.

Our representatives are here to help with lifting equipment, rerailing, railcar movers, turntables, and more! If you are looking for servicing of rail and automotive maintenance equipment, reach out to us today! We would be pleased to help you with our turn-key machinery installation. Our trained technicians are here to assist you in looking for help with hoists, turntables, drop tables, transfer tables, and other types of components.

With that, here is what you must about motorized/manual turntables.

Turntables and The Rail Industry

A turntable is a rotating device designed to direct the movement of rail vehicles, be it trains, wagons, rail cars, or any other rail-dependent mechanism. They are installed around a central axis and can either be manually operated or motorized.

It consists of a circular pivot with a steel bridging system which can be a 2 point or a 3 point bridge depending on the weight and size of the locomotive. The bridge serves as a support and balance system that reduces the central pivot’s tension and aids locomotive rotation.

The bottom of the has a downward slope, and connected underneath is a sump. The sump collects rainwater and drains it out of the system to prevent water-logged damages; it uses a sump and drains mechanism.

The locking mechanism aligns the rail from the former track through the turntable to the exit track. It also serves as a support system to the bridge and positions it properly during a locomotive movement.

The connecting electric motors of the bridge can be activated through the mechanized control system (motorized), which is usually placed at the side of the turntable or y hand (manual).

The activation then changes the direction of the vehicle to the desired sub-rail, usually at angle 90.

Their sizes (in diameter) range from 1.83m to over 38m. Aside from rotating wagons and locomotives, smaller turntables are also used to rotate customers’ rails cars to their preferred direction.

How We Help with Motorized/Manual Turntable Maintenance

Turntables, like every other mechanical device, require proper and frequent servicing from trained professionals. Constantly maintaining increases its efficiency, helps detect malfunctions early, and ensures the safety of rail users.

We offer oil and greasing services for the central pivot and its other associated parts.

Further, we service and repair damaged turntable girders that are weakened by the action of wear and tear between the rails and the wheels. We also reposition, oil, and replace wheels on the circumference of the central pit.

Our technicians can replace damaged turntable sumps in the masonry pits that were designed to drain rainwater. We also offer overall oiling and painting services to prevent rusting.

Why Choose Our Help with Motorized/Manual Turntable Maintenance

The use of a turntable is rare; this rarity transcends into the number of reputable companies that can maintain them. In our many years of turntable maintenance, we pride ourselves as the best. We have consistently repaired numerous sidings, and our team consists of professionals trained to tackle any form of turntable defects.

If you have any questions or concerns or need assistance with motorized/manual turntable maintenance, reach out to us today. Our technicians will assess various aspects of these components and will implement the necessary and proper care.

We realize that regular servicing helps maximize productivity and can help minimize the jarring effect of a work stoppage due to a sensitive component that was neglected. We can do so during our quality maintenance operations whether we need to conduct actions like replacing parts to clean them properly or for dust removal or general cleaning.

We are pleased to ensure that our clients’ operations continue to move forward adequately. Reach out to us today to ensure quality within your operations.