Battery Powered Waste Removal Cart

As an alternative to the trailer mounted systems, these battery powered carts are suitable for use in smaller train stations where stationary systems cannot be justified.The entire pump system runs off of the batteries. There is no need to access power during operation.

SF carts are equipped with adjustable working lights to increase flexibility. Track illumination is not required.

A hydrostatically driven municipal vehicle with all-wheel drive and with four-wheel steering serves as the base vehicle. The Road/Rail Equipped Grinding Vehicle is equipped with a rail traveling gear which is also hydrostatically driven. The grinding unit consists of 12 grinding shafts for grinding short-pitch corrugations, as well as for the reprofiling of girder and Trail rails. A dust vacuuming system is installed.

However, as a dust barrier and for protection against smolder fires in the track, on request a water spray system can also be installed. The grinding shafts and the rail traveling gear are hydraulically driven, as are the angle adjustment and the feeding of the 12 grinding wheels. The machine can be used on both standard and metric gauges.

For use in subways the machine is equipped with particulate filters. With its compact outside dimensions the machine can also be used within small structure gauges.

  • Transparent fiberglass tank.
  • Easy-access lid for tank cleaning.
  • Pump pipe with 3″ kamlok-coupling.
  • Re-circulation feature for cleaning of waste water tanks.
  • Powerful rotary lobe-type piston pump 40 gpm-114gpm.
  • Gasoline, diesel or battery powered.
  • Approved towable undercarriage.
  • Variable tank sizing.
  • Mountable on alternate motorized vehicles.