Road/Rail Equipped Trailer


Multi-purpose trailer equipped with rail guiding system. We supplied this trailer to a number of rail transit and railroad companies

in North America, equipped with two steel containers housing the portable hydraulic rerailing equipment and general tools for rerailing operations.

The storage containers can be lifted onto the trailer by crane or forklift truck. The trailer can also be used as a multi-purpose trailer

for track maintenance supplies, such as railroad ties, rail, etc. It was designed to carry loads up to 9500 lb and is suitable for being
towed on either road or rail track.

The trailer includes highway running lights operated on 8 volts DC. It is made of mild steel construction, with welding conforming
to AWS requirements. The decking is flame retardant pressure-treated wood. The wheels/axle assembly is suitable for a nominal

track gauge of 4′ 8-1/2″. The rail wheels are insulated from stray current. The trailer tongue includes a pintel hook. The axle’s
location is the center of the trailer to minimize tongue loading. The rail guiding system is battery operated and is capable of lateral self-tracking.