Rail Trailer

The Railquip platform rail trailer line enables cost efficient transportation of goods and equipment to worksites and rail stations. They are available in 13.1 ft., 16.4 ft. and 19.7 ft. All rail trailers come complete with Interfleet RIS 1530-PLT Issue 5 approval.

Each platform trailer comes complete with multi-leaf suspension, Ø21.7” P1/10 profile wheels, hydraulic brakes, failsafe braking system, full 12V LED lighting, lashing rings and tow Hitch (complete with tow pole) as standard.

  • 20 tons capacity.
  • Ballast boxes available.
  • Multi – leaf suspension.
  • 21.7″ P1/10 profile wheels.
  • Air and hydraulic brake options.
  • Failsafe braking system.
  • Full 12V LED lighting.
  • Eye bolts and twist locks.
  • Tow hitches complete with tow pole.
  • Built to all countries certification requirements.