The Portable Hydrualic Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rerailing equipment makes it a useful tool in solving rerailing problems safely, quickly and cost effectively; preventing further damage to track or rolling stock.

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LOCKED AXLE DOLLIES (Portable Wheel Dolly)

The Portable Wheel Dolly (Auxiliary Truck) for railroad cars and locomotives Model is capable of supporting axle loads of 35 tons at 20 MPH and intermittent loads of 75 tons at 10 MPH. The Portable Rail Wheel Dolly is used to move disabled cars or locomotives of which important travel gear parts are defective, back to the car shop without causing flat spots or damage to the rail.

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  • Shapes and bars are mild steel ASTM A36
  • Plate and sheet are mild steel ASTM A36 or A238, grade C
  • Pipe and tubing are mild steel ASTM A53, type S, grade B, schedule 40
  • Containers have steel hinges with non -removable pins
  • Weldments are all filled welds (2.00″ minimum), 3/16″ or greater.
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Multi-purpose trailer equipped with rail guiding system. We supplied this trailer to a number of rail transit and railroad companies in North America, equipped with two steel containers housing the portable hydraulic rerailing equipment and general tools for rerailing operations. The storage containers can be lifted onto the trailer by crane or forklift truck.

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The Railquip platform rail trailer line enables cost efficient transportation of goods and equipment to worksites and rail stations. They are available in 13.1 ft., 16.4 ft. and 19.7 ft. All rail trailers come complete with Interfleet RIS 1530-PLT Issue 5 approval.

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The Compact Rerailing Device is suitable for rerailing Track Maintenance Equipment and LRV’S quickly and safely. This unique compact rerailing package has been sold to railroads, rail transit companies and industrial companies. Its light weight and easy operation make it an efficient tool for handling minor derailments. It does not tie up a lot of space.

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