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The Portable Railcar Mover is designed for normal track gauge of 56.5″. Maximum shunting speed is 1.5 -3.1 MPH. A Conversion Kit for speeds at 4.35 to 5.59 MPH is also available. The drive wheels of the forklift truck (weighing 2 to 10 tons) transfer the force onto four drive rollers. From these drive rollers, the force is transferred via chains to rubber coated flange wheels. The high traction capacity of 330 -660 tons is obtained by the friction between rubber and steel. The driving and guide rollers are arranged in a way that the differential gear of the forklift truck enables it to negotiate even small curves, radii and turnouts with a minimum of friction. Due to its solid construction, the Portable Railcar Mover is almost maintenance free.

1. Portable
2. Forklift railcar mover, 660 ton capacity
3.Quickly set to begin operation
4. AAR contoured coupler firmly grips car

  • The forklift truck is used to take the Railcar Mover to an embedded track area and position it on the rail.
  • Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the car mover. Unit is secured by lifting the fork brackets against the crossbeam and the ramps are raised.
  • The Railcar Mover is coupled with the railroad/rail transit car(s) to be moved.
  • Now the Railcar mover is ready for action. It can safely move complete sets of railcars up to 330 or 660 tons (depending on forklift truck and WRG model).


(Depending on forklift truck) WRG “N” WRG-S-300 WRG-SL-600
Push/Pull Capacity, Braking effect tons up to 330 up to 330 up to 660
Speed (Depending on forklift truck) 1.5-3.1 MPH 1.5-3.1 MPH 1.5-3.1 MPH
Brake Distance with load of 330 tons 39″ 39″ 39″
Ramp Gradient
Total Width of Ramps, Adjustable 52″-39″ 68″-59″ 83″-55″
Total Width of Rollers 52″ 64″ 83″
Width Per Roller 17.3″ 24″ 28″
Number of Rubber Wheels 8 10 10
Drive Wheel Diameter 12″ x 4.7″ 12″ x 4.7″ 12″ x 4.7″
Total Weight 3307 lbs 3968 lbs 5075 lbs

Railquip in conjunction with ZAGRO