Product highlight: Rerailing Equipment

Rerailing equipment is, well, exactly what you’d imagine it to be – it’s equipment, tools and products used to rerail railroad cars, locomotives, equipment, etc. It’s also used to maintain and fix faulty or unsafe railways. Thankfully, at Railquip, we have all the products, large and small, to service or upgrade railways across the country and around the world. Let’s explore what we have available and how it’s used. We’ll start with the basics. Here’s what Railquip offers in the category of rerailing equipment:
  • Portable Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment
  • Locked Axle Dollies (Portable Wheel Dolly)
  • Rerailing Equipment Containers
  • Road/Rail Equipped Trailer
  • Rail Trailer
  • Compact Rerailing Unit
And, now, we’ll get into the details on each item above. Let’s start from the top. Portable Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives and is lightweight in nature, making it a useful tool to solve rerailing concerns in a safe manner, quickly and effectively. Our model reduces the weight of the rerailing equipment, such as lifting jacks and roller carriages, which is an incredible improvement from previous versions. Because it’s up to 20% lighter than prior models, it can be easily transported via road, rail equipped truck or trailer or helicopter, and it’s also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Next on the list are Locked Axle Dollies, or Auxiliary Trucks, These Dollies are used to move disabled cars or locomotives when gear parts are defective. This equipment is capable of supporting axle loads of 35 tons at 20 MPH and intermittent loads of 75 tons at 10 MPH, and, most often, it’s used to transport the cars back to the shop without causing flat spots or damage to the rail. They are custom made for either light rail or heavy rail vehicles, and they’re able to be assembled right on site without any additional equipment. It’s also easily storable for use in the future or for precaution.  Rerailing Equipment Containers come in several shapes and sizes, and they are equipped with forklift slots and lifting eyes at each corner. The compartments within the container are completely enclosed to protect the interior from weather and theft as well as other outside elements. These are the best quality containers in the industry, and we’d welcome getting to work with you to provide one suitable for your needs. The Road/Rail Equipped Trailers is perhaps one of the most important rerailing items we offer. This multi-purpose trailer is equipped with a battery-operated rail guiding system and is used to transport the other items on this list. For example, the containers can be transported via trailer after they’re secured and lifted onto the trailer by a crane or forklift truck. The trailer is multi-purposed in that it can also be used for track maintenance supplies, such as railroad ties, rail and more. It can be utilized with up to 9,500 pounds and is also towable.  A Rail Trailer enables cost efficient transportation of goods and equipment to worksites and rail stations. Each trailer comes with a multi-leaf suspension, hydraulic brakes, failsafe braking system, full 12V LED lighting, lashing rings, tow Hitch and enhanced profile wheels. They can carry 20 tons of capacity and are built to all countries’ certification requirements.  Finally, the Compact Rerailing Unit is utilized by railroads, rail transit companies and industrial companies. It’s lightweight and easy to operate, making it an efficient tool for handling minor derailments, and it’s compact as well. Typically, a rerailing package consists of one Special LAA Compact 20-2.5/300 PN 300 Lateral Move Unit equipped with synchronizing cylinder, rotating and sliding plate and quick connecting couplings, one Extension Hose Pair, yellow/blue including quick connecting couplings and one Hand Pump ZPH1A/1-500 with coupling. We also provide lifting jacks with compact rerailing units upon request. Learn more about all of our rerailing equipment in full detail through this link, or contact us for a complete consultation. If we can help you with product purchasing, leasing or a project, call us today at  770.458.4157.