Norfolk Southern was officially formed in 1982 when Norfolk and Western and Southern railways were consolidated, but there’s so much more history to this company before these most recent 40 years that truly makes them who they are!

Based in Norfolk, Virginia, Norfolk Southern (NS) is one of the nation’s premier transportation companies, operating around 19,3000 route miles in 22 states and in DC. They’re focused on providing efficient connections to other rail carriers while being a major transporter of industrial products, including agriculture, forest and consumer products, chemicals and metals and construction materials. They’re also a principal carrier of coal, automobiles and automotive parts.

Going on 40 years in 2022, Norfolk Southern is a key force in the industry and just happens to be one of our amazing clients and partners!

“We’ve enjoyed supplying NF Southern with rerailng jacks for many years,” says Louie Schroder, president of Railquip.

Norfolk Southern is serving every major port on the East Coast between New York City and Jacksonville, Florida, as well as multiple private terminals, Gulf Ports and River Ports. In 2020 alone, Norfolk Southern highlights 164 billion rail revenue ton-miles as well as 6.68 million units of rail shipments, including trailers and containers, just for perspective.

They also expanded significantly last year, increasing their service area jobs by 2,960 and investing $1.8 billion by industries. They’re currently slated with over 20,000 employees and only growing and thriving in more areas than one! If those numbers aren’t impressive enough, you’ll have to head to their site for their full breakdown, too!

While revenue, jobs, miles and everything in between are incredibly important, perhaps the most crucial component of all of these stats is safety. Norfolk Southern won their first gold medal for employee safety in 1990 and then went on to win 23 consecutive gold awards.

In addition to safety, emissions and energy efficiency are also an important topic for our partner. According to their site, by 2030, they plan to have a fully operational Crescent Corridor that should be benefiting the public by removing 1.3 million long-haul trucks from interstates and 1.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. As we’ve mentioned in past blog posts, energy-efficient rail travel isn’t going anywhere, and NS is just another prime example of where our industry is heading!

Something unique about NS? Its Heritage Locomotives, which were a part of their 30th anniversary celebration in 2012. We’re highlighting it because we can’t believe they’re almost at their 40th mark next year! For this commemorative year, NS painted 20 new locomotives in the color schemes of predecessor railroads, and the units are now known as the NS Heritage Locomotives. These trains represent railroads that played significant roles in Norfolk Southern’s history, allowing them to get to where they are today. Even more interesting, NS employees were the brains behind the designs, as staff from Altoona, Chattanooga and Muncie painted the locomotives! The Heritage Locomotives are now used in freight service across Norfolk Southern’s entire network!

Whether it’s partnering with NS to engage in their energy-efficient efforts, applying to work for them, investing in them, shipping through them or simply exploring how their unique history molded our modern-day railway industry, there’s something for everyone at Norfolk Southern.