If you could visit one website link and be instantly connected to over 500 destinations, would you assume we were referring to an airline or even a rental car company? Although you may find that solution through those sites, what if we told you there was another mode of transportation you were missing? Railquip readers, meet Amtrak!

Amtrak is your ticket to some of the most well-known locations, some of the nation’s best-kept secrets and everything in between! With Amtrak’s easy-to-use service, sightseers, world-travelers and even homebodies (not a negative!) are able to hop to and pinpoint their ideal stops on a journey that doesn’t have to only have one starting point and one ending point. Pick a city and find stops along the route or identify a travel buddy and secure a pre-set route that others have vetted and raved about. All this, without ever touching a steering wheel, pulling up a map or finding a gas station!

“For Railquip, Amtrak has been an outstanding client of ours for years. We have been lucky enough to provide a range of products from battery-powered railcar movers, portable electric jacks and portable hydraulic reraling equipment and many more. Railquip plans to continue assisting Amtrak in all our field of services from preventative maintenance programs to trouble-shooting and emergency repair services. Railquip continues to strive to become better each and every day,” says Louie Schroder, president of Railquip.

Wondering what we’re leaving out? Well, while there’s much to learn about Amtrak, some of the best is yet to come! From deals and offers to private room experiences to energy-efficient travel, Amtrak simply has it all. You can board the train with not only your baggage, but also with your car! Load up your wheels onto Amtrak’s and let them do the driving for you. Be it moving or exploring, there’s no need to limit Amtrak’s service to only one kind of resource.

Now, back to energy-efficiency! According to Amtrak, from 2010-2019, they reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent, which is equivalent to removing roughly 51,251 passenger vehicles from the road. They were able to achieve these spectacular results through energy-efficient upgrades, improved train handling and more efficient locomotives.

Over the next decade, they’re targeting a further reduction to 40 percent. The best part about rail travel is that it produces up to 83 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than driving and up to 73 percent fewer emissions than flying, according to Amtrak. The way they put it is, “shrinking your travel carbon footprint.” Are you sold yet?

Now, let’s say you’re already grabbing your suitcase and ready to lock in a reservation. We should cover how Amtrak will allow you to travel comfortably to suit your needs and those you’re traveling with. Their accommodation options include a Roomette, Bedroom, Bedroom Suite, Family Bedroom, Accessible Bedroom or Coach. It’s completely up to you how you prefer to watch the rolling hills, evergreen trees, skylines and some of nature’s most beautiful and picturesque settings via their rail cars. Regardless of how you choose to spend your experience on board, Amtrak allows customers to have up to two checked bags, two carry-on bags and two personal items for free. Think you could fit us in there with you?!


Here’s some sample Amtrak itineraries that we couldn’t help but suggest!

  • Adirondacks: Between New York and Montreal, this 11-hour day trip features jaw-dropping views in every direction. You’ll see glimpses of the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, and plenty of hills, woods, and scenic foliage that pictures simply don’t do justice to. You can stop midway on your route to the land of Maple Syrup around Rouses Point in New York. Regardless of the direction you choose, you can’t go wrong with this journey.
  • Empire Service: You’d be surprised how much there is to see between New York and Buffalo. Check out the Hudson Valley as well as some must-see views of Upstate along the Mohawk valley. There are several variations of this route, so check them all out for change-ups to your trip.
  • The Vermonter: Daily service between St. Albans, Vermont, and Washington DC feature scenes that simply can’t be surpassed. Mountains-a-plenty in the Berkshires and Connecticut are reason enough to make this a must-do route.
  • The Pennsylvanian: There’s no easier way to travel between Pittsburgh and New York, and the scenes of this route are preferred around the famous Horshoe Curve as well as between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
  • The California Zephyr: This trek takes you between Chicago and Emeryville and is rated one of the best Amtrak routes of them all. The entire journey is three days, two nights, but you can lengthen or shorten as you please.
  • Coast Starlight: See Los Angeles and Seattle in a setting you’ve never dreamed of. Two days, one night of travel feature picturesque scenery at every turn.
  • Build-Your-Own! If you’re still seeking out a custom-curated rail trip, look no further than this game changer of a feature from Amtrak: amtrak.com/plan-your-trip.html. Plan out your perfect trip to any destination that Amtrak offers.

Ready, set, rail!