You probably know the difference between a Mercedes, Sedan, and an SUV, and presumably, you do not have an extensive understanding of the various types of railcar movers. Just as people purchase a specific kind of passenger’s vehicle to accommodate the need to transport passengers or cargo, it is the same way people choose a particular type of railcar suitable for them since a variety of railcars also exist.

Before we dive into comparing new and old railcar movers, you must understand what a railcar mover is. Well, a railcar mover is designed to travel on both rail and road. They are typically used to move railroad equipment in sidings, industrial complexes, among others.

They are capable of pulling fully loaded freight cars at the same time due to their strong nature. Four rubber-tired road wheels characterize a majority of these rail car movers, and couplers mounted on each end, as well as four small retractable rail wheels. Most rail customers prefer them since they are less expensive and are flexible.

Used Rail Car Movers

Some people may opt to purchase used railcar movers, which is also okay as they are much cheaper than buying a new railcar mover. The upside is that you get a chance to save more dollars. It is easy to find one of high quality from industry-leading manufacturers offering such services.

There is no need to wonder whether these types of movers are suitable enough to offer any kind of service you may need. Each machine is thoroughly tested for quality before being added to the inventory of any company. They are well-serviced, and any component issues found are repaired, restoring the units.

Proper premium rebuilding and reconditioning services are performed in these railcar movers. Services performed on these used movers entails rebuilding gas or diesel engine, battery services, painting, transmission, and many more. In most cases, all used equipment comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

New Rail Car Movers

In the new railcar movers category, battery powered railcar movers are commonly used. A Railquip railcar mover replaces switcher locomotives and switching engines in use anywhere railcar movement is required. This excludes mainline rail operations unless for maintenance of way activity.

Railquip does combine the ease of use of heavy-duty diesel equipment with the capabilities of a rugged railroad locomotive.

Railquip rail car movers are designed to utilize steel wheel technology for the most consistent tractive efforts. Railquip railcar movers offer Cummins QSL and QSB engines, clean diesel, which reduces fuel consumption, has lowered operational and maintenance costs, designed for automatic speed control and shutdown. They are also are eligible for diesel emissions.

There are several reasons as to why you need to use Railquip rail car movers. For starters;

  • Railquip tends to be more mobile compared to locomotives.
  • A Railquip rail car mover can travel both on-road using rubber tires and rail using steel rail wheels. They are said to be bimodal.
  • Railquip railcar movers are highly efficient and economical at the same time.
  • These railcar movers utilize the weight transfer technology, which in turn increases the machine’s tractive effort.
  • They can move on and of a track, and due to this and with a Railquip rail car mover, you do not have to wait to be connected with your rail service provider.


Railcar Movers Application

Rail car movers are used in several ways in the United States. These railcar mover applications include:


The United States is the largest grain producer, a lot of grains and other agriculture productions are transported through rail. Railcars do carry tons of grain every year due to their increased demand. With this kind of demand, transporting grains and any other agricultural produce as soon as possible and safely is a vital function.

Due to their ability to carry heavy products, railcar movers are best suitable due to their reliability and ability to meet agricultural production’s current and future needs.

Power and Fuel

Energy has transformed over the past years as a source and means of consumption. Rail car movers are highly reliable when ensuring that the commodities powering Atlanta move safely and quickly to meet customer demand.

The energy industry certainly needs stable fuel sources, and a railcar mover provides reliable methods of reaching any utility company and consumers in the rail market.


A railcar mover technically provides a safe system for transporting chemicals from a chemical production company or facility to its consumers. A railcar mover is designed to get maximum speed while visibility is maintained at the same time. This ensures chemical companies meet their demands and stay on schedule.

Application Verdict

When it comes to these applications, it is best if you opt to purchase or rent out a new rail car mover instead of opting for an already used rail car mover. As much as old rail car movers are remodeled, reconditioned, and rebuilt, knowing their full history might be challenging.

Getting the complete and exact history of the rail car mover may be challenging, so opting for a new railcar mover may again be a good option. This is because a new rail car lacks such history as a used railcar mover.

New Vs. Used Railcar Movers

You may be confused about whether you should purchase a new or a used rail car mover. This decision will highly depend on a few things, which may include:


If you are operating under a fixed budget, you may want to opt for a used rail car mover, whether you are purchasing it or for rental purposes. This is because a well rebuilt and remodeled rail car is much cheaper than a new rail car.

So, picking up a used rail car is better since they have a very long life and tend to be renovated several times. A used and overhauled railcar is a good option as engineers continuously upgrade them, and they focus on increasing reliability and performance at the same time.


If you are into quality, purchasing, or renting out, a new rail car mover may be the best option. This does not mean that used rail car movers are bad or of poor quality, but having a new rail car mover may give you confidence and assuredness.

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