Tank Scissor Lift


The system model number HN-SL 800 is comprised of a dual platform scissor lift complete with a 20 HP hydraulic pump unit and 25 feet remote control. With a 100-ton capacity, this scissor lift is designed to handle items other models might struggle to lift.

With its 27 feet extension, this scissor lift provides enough lift to let you inspect your hydraulic tank, for example. The system is designed such that the tank is lifted equally on both sides. This is especially important where the tank technician requires access to the tank’s underside. Effectively, the two platforms create sufficient lift for such a technician.

You might also desire to move your hydraulic tank to a different location or area. With our system, you have enough power options to help load the tanks onto tank trucks. Where the tank is getting moved to a location overseas, this scissor lift can help load the tank onto a shipping container or railroad cars.

Tanks are heavy and could slide off a platform unless safely secured. To ensure your tank remains safely perched on the platform, the system has deck tread on both sides.

Like all our products, the lifts are made with safety for people who use these products as a priority. That is also why the lift comes capable of remote control from up to 25 feet away.

Moving tanks or their heavy parts, either for your organization or as a paid service for another organization such as the military, should be affordable. You will find that our prices are some of the most competitive in our market category. We have experience in the design and installation of shipping equipment.

Height: retracted 12.75″
extended 39.75″
Length: 262.38″
Width: 152.50″

We have created enough extension railing for this lift to help load this onto a heavy-duty cart, for example. Using lifts rather than cranes is also recommended because lifts do not interfere with the tank top. Further, lifts do not require any member from your organization to come and drive the tank; our equipment options are easy to use. We might need access to the tank to move it over the lift, but that often should be it.

Where possible, we recommend that you acquire the scissor lifts and carry them as parts that solve logistical needs. A member of your organization can learn how to set up and operate the scissor lifts, making it easy for that member or others to use the lifts.

Our scissor lifts can be quickly fashioned to meet other lifting needs. If you need to lift other machinery or a workplace item onto a cart, for example, this would come in handy. The lift can also be used to move a part of the tank, such as the tank top, onto a transportation cart.