RQL70 Mobile Lift System


Railquip’s RQL-70 Heavy Duty Mobile Column Lifts are available in configurations of 4,6 or 8 columns with a total combined lifting capacity as high as 132,000 pounds. A low friction recirculating ball bearing screw-nut assembly suspended from the top of the column provides the lifting power.

The RQL – 70 Mobile Lift Column Lift System features microprocessor controls with automatic synchronization and communication between columns. The RQL-70 has 3 separate modes of operation and detection of load nut failure. The automatic shutoff provides extra safety in case of contact with an obstacle. With the mobile power supply unit the RQL-70 requires no master column, giving the user the ability to control the system from any column. The RQL-70 system’s controls are easy to use and feature up/down, mode selection and emergency stop buttons.

The equipment is engineered and built under quality assurance standards and certification of ALI/ETL ensuring years of service with the highest degree of dependability and safety.

Technical Data

  • Model: RQL-70
  • Height: 97.6 inches
  • Stroke: 69.0 inches
  • Lifting Speed: 105 seconds
  • Weight: 920 lbs.
  • Capacity: 16,000 lbs./ Column