EGSXL 85 Bus/Truck Lift

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Each system consists of a set (4, 6 or 8) of individual, portable heavy duty lifts, connected to a Central Control Unit. The Central Control Unit contains a computer,which monitors and controls the operation of the lifting columns. Each column is cable linked to The Central Control Unit. The computer separately monitors each lift. During operation, the data is continuously analyzed by the computer and coordinated with data from the other lifts in the system to deliver a synchronized lifting / lowering operation. During operation, the display panel on the control console continuously in dicatesthe height of each lifting column in the system. >The operator has the ability to control the movement of individual lifts if desired. Error messages on the display panel alert the operator in the event of system malfunction, and specify which individual lifting column is the source of the malfunction. If an error is detected, the Central Control Unit computer will automatically stop the operation, preventing personnel injury and equipment damage.The Central Control Unit, being mobile, allows the operator to control the operation from a safe distance. An optional HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL, when connected to the Central Control Unit, affords the operator even greater mobility.



  • Mechanical fail safe device secures lifts in the event of power failure
  • System maintains vehicle equilibrium within 3/4″ (20mm)
  • The Control Panel contains Main Switch, Control Button for UP and DOWN travel,Emergency Stop Button, and Lifting Column Selection Button.
  • Control panel indicates printed messages for the following: lifts in motion,continuous read-out of individual columns lifting position, error messages, direction of travel, and historical data of last 500 events
  • Audible alarm alerts the operator that one or more lifts are in motion
  • Control panel monitors use time and issues a message, “Maintenance Required”when scheduled maintenance is due.
  • Optional accessories available include: HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL,SUPPORT STANDS in various capacities and SMALL WHEEL ADAPTERS
Model Height Stroke Speed Weight Capacity
in (mm) in (mm) in/min (mm/min) lbs. (kg) tons/jack
EGSXL85 96.5 (2450) 63 (1600) 28.4 (720) 1102 (500) 8.5
EGSXL50 96.5 (2450) 68.9 (1750) 22.7 (576) 992 (450) 5.5
EGSXL85Ls 104.3 (2650) 68.9 (1750) 28.4 (720) 1146 (520) 8.5
EGSXL100 96.5 (2450) 63 (1600) 28.4 (720) 1146 (520) 11
EGSXL100 104.3 (2650) 68.9 (1750) 28.4 (720) 1190 (540) 11