Coupler Lift System 50-Ton

Product Overview:

Railroads require robust lift systems and products. Whether it’s changing wheelsets and trucks to performing underfloor repairs or even re-railing, only superior equipment can handle the job fast, efficiently, and safely. That’s exactly what the coupler lift from RailQuip is designed to do.

You can position the coupler lift with a 12,000 pound, all-terrain short wheelbase forklift truck underneath the couplers of two coupled cars or below a car with a high center sill.

You can operate the coupler and its pump unit hydraulically with remote control. This Coupler lift system has the following features:

  • Retracted Height: 20″
  • Width: 37″ -Length: 72″
  • Total Beam Height: (Extended
  • Height) 63.94″
  • Load Side Shift +/- 8” (16“ in total).
  • Weight 5,350 lbs.

One Forklift Truck

You can also get a forklift truck with a two-wheel steer along with your coupler lift. It has a load capacity of 12,000 pounds and runs on a Perkins Diesel Engine -4 x 4 with an enclosed cab.

A3-speed power shift with electronic controls allows for smooth clutch engagement and quick direction changes or reversals when operating the lift handle.

Included with this Coupler lift system is a single Hydraulic Pump Unit that runs on a 20 HP Honda engine, an electric start, rubber-tired wheels, and a 35′ remote control cable.


Optional Accessories for Couplers

Need accompanying products? No problem, you can also order One Mechanical Wheel Handling Device with a 28-38″ wheel diameter range or get a manipulator and hydraulic pump carts for your 50-ton jack.