As our economy advances, construction workload also rises. Safety is Railquip’s upmost priority, especially in the field that we specialize in where workers are regularly handling heavy equipment. The possibility of getting injured, or worse, death increases.

From 2003 to 2010, 443 out of 962 fatal workplace injuries at road construction sites resulted from getting struck by a rolling vehicle or mobile equipment [Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013]. Internal Traffic Control Plans (ITCPs) have been enforced to reduce construction site fatalities. Although backup alarms can be installed on work vehicles, they can get drowned out by other noises surrounding the job site. Mirrors also do not provide drivers with complete visibility either.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provided recommendations for preventing back over incidents. One recommendation NIOSH mentioned is to design worksites to minimize backing vehicles and equipment [RWZHCA 2005]. OSHA recommendations include: Ensure spotters and drivers coordinate on hand signals, Drivers should remain in visual contact with a spotter while backing and should stop immediately if they lose visual contact, Spotters should not be given additional duties, and they should avoid using distracting items such as cellphones or headphones, and Spotters should wear high-visibility gear, especially when working at night [.

While those recommendations seem plausible, Railquip recommends efficiently and safely utilizing work spaces with a construction turntable.

Construction turntables are temporarily installed and can be used for the demolition, excavation and construction phases of a project. Other key benefits include: saves work space, maximizes profit, reduces building of traffic, improved work site safety, no backup required (always front drive), and saves time by increasing truck rotation.

We have construction turntables available for hire. so you don’t have to allocate capital expenditure. In addition, all servicing is taken care of by Railquip, to give you peace of mind for critical equipment. We can customize a solution specific to your project, industry or requirements.

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