Celebrating 38 years and counting, Railquip Inc. is an industry-leader in innovation. From supplying maintenance equipment and machinery for car, locomotive and maintenance shops to maintenance of equipment and supplies for railroad and rail transit industries, Railquip is paving a pathway through its Georgia-based market with a focus on serving a larger, national customer base as well.

So, how did Railquip come to be? What sparked the moment and the initiative behind a company specializing in lift equipment for railroad and automotive industries? Where is Railquip going next? You’ve come to the right place!

To start, there’s more to Railquip than heavy equipment, fast-moving transit vehicles, and heavy-duty maintenance and lifting. With a personal backstory, a family history and prioritization of company and culture, there’s much more to Railquip than you’d even begin to fathom.

Where it all started

Take a step back to 1983 when Helmut Schroeder founded Railquip Inc. Originally from Germany, his background in sales and distribution for Hoesch Manufacturing, where he led the charge for the North American market development, encouraged his eagerness to form his own company. What now represents many manufactures of rail- and transit-related support equipment, shop equipment and machinery and Maintenance of Way equipment spurred from his efforts.

Helmut’s legacy lives on, and without losing sight of his father’s goals, Louie, now President of Railquip Inc., has been able to provide incredible insight and enhancements to the platform his father built over 38 years ago.

Louie’s commitment to Railquip’s growth shows through all facets of the business, and the company has grown to include 11 other team members, are all eager to continue supporting Railquip’s mission.

Most recently, products that the team has been able to install in client facilities include lifting jacks, overhead cranes, railcar movers, shelving, turntables, welders and train platforms. You may have even seen or utilized some of these products without even knowing it! Past (and current) clients have included the Atlanta Airport, MARTA, Miami Dade Transit, Washington Dulles International Airport, Metro Houston and more!

If you think an industry like Railquip’s is fast-paced, you’d be right! In more instances than one, Railquip is moving! Not only does the company specialize in maintenance facilities for light, medium and heavy rail transit, streetcar and metro agencies, commuter and passenger railroads and Class I heavy-haul and shortline railroad companies on a global basis, but they’re also always trying to innovate. Whether that be new processes, testing or technology, Railquip is fully focused on all of the above and more.

So, what better place to continue this journey and to keep things moving than with Louie himself? He’s passionate, dedicated and committed to Railquip, Inc., and he’s giving an inside look at the company from the inside out!


Q: What makes you passionate about Railquip, Inc?

A: My passion for Railquip comes from the deep roots my family has in the railroad business, as well as the values my father instilled in me as a kid.


Q: Where do you see Railquip going in the future? What are your goals?

A: The sky is the limit for Railquip as we continue to improve and bring on more products and service personnel to better serve our industries.


Q: What accomplishments have you been most proud of (for Railquip)? Have you or the company faced challenges that has sense helped you grow?

A: Opening our second shop in California and our amazing team.


Q: When you’re not working, what are you passionate about?

A: Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, hunting and golfing.


Q: Let’s talk local! What are your best spots and go-to’s in Georgia/the Atlanta area?

A: Atlanta’s BeltLine and The Chattahoochee River are great weekend spots for both family and friends.


Q: Advice! What would you tell someone who’s interested in getting involved in this industry?

A: It’s the smallest-biggest community that you will never want to leave once you start. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


Interested in continuing to learn more about Railquip, or hoping to speak with a team member? Visit our website to explore the company and to see how they can provide value for you.