Given the memorable year that we just had, we believe that it’s safe to say that this year, we’ll just be taking it day by day. That doesn’t mean that we will start slacking in our business. In 2021, we aim to be 1 better.

Although it is raining here at headquarters (Atlanta, GA) on New Year, somewhere across North America, one of our equipment is helping lift a metro train, pull a freight train, or entertain some drunk bar hoppers. We are so proud of what we do and honored to have served many.

This year, we aim to be 1 percent better than the previous day, distribute 1 extra equipment across North America, keep 1 more business in service, create 1 more job in the economy, help 1 more family from becoming hopeless.

Thank you for following us this far. Join us for the ride as we continue to grow. Blessings to you and your family.

With Love,
Railquip Inc.