“DERAILMENTS NEVER HAPPEN!” … said nobody, ever.

Our Portable Hydrualic Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. In addition, we are proud to present our new rerailing system. The level of safety and handling was greatly improved by reducing the weights of the rerailing equipment such as the lifting jacks, pump units, control panels, auxiliary tow trucks, and roller carriages.

With a sleek, new look, our rerailing system is now more safe, easier to handle, and lighter in weight.


A complete set of Railquip retailing equipment includes:

  • Aluminum alloy lifting jacks: capacity range 20 – 220 tons per jack.
  • Lateral move equipment
    • Extruded aluminum alloy rarailing bridges ranging from 1 meter to 4.5 meters in length (3.3′-14.8′)
    • Roller carriages
    • Traversing cylinders
    • Distance bars
    • Axle pusher
    • Steel Counter Support
    • Rerailing bridge connectors and
    • Hydraulic pump units either gasoline, diesel or electrically powered4. Hand pump5. Control desk6. Color Coded hydraulic hose lines 16.4 ft. and 32.8 ft long.


We can provide customized packages to meet your specific needs.

Guaranteed genuine quality and a product that enables you to rerail quickly, precisely, and safely. This ensures that rail lines are available for traffic again as fast as possible and that your downtime costs are minimized.

Don’t lose a second.