Our exhibition and display turntables will make your products the feature attraction of your business.

Elevating your vehicles into premium viewing positions, our turntables ensure that your clients’ attention is focused on your feature model, enhancing their overall experience while they are in your establishment. Another great benefit is that turntables can be utilized for photography and video of new models.

Custom sizes, finishes and features are available to meet any design, so that buyers can take in the vehicle’s features from all angles, in comfort and style.

Our silent, vibration free models create a point of difference and heighten brand awareness, so that customer perceptions of your establishment are enhanced. The platform can be used for new model reveals and customer hand overs, making for a memorable experience that combines prestige with a personal touch.


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The automation of parking systems and logistic process is more prevalent today, and can range from simple to advanced technology. Railquip turntables are one aspect of this industry, which incorporates simple motorized turntables through to fully automated systems that assist with vehicle positioning, recognize that the vehicle is in the correct position, check safety parameters and rotate to a programmed position – all from the comfort of the vehicle.


A rotating platform can help bring life to an exhibition, display, launch or theater production, because they allow the audience’s focus to be directed to the intended area for maximum impact. Additionally, rotating platforms for revolving restaurants are proven to attract increased clientele, creating a unique experience that enhances the scenery during a meal.


Our automotive turntables enable car dealerships and online retailers to quickly and easily take consistent high quality photography for uploading to the internet. Railquip automotive turntables deliver a robust and reliable solution. Having quality photos and videos gives the purchaser greater confidence to buy online, giving an edge over competitors.


Railquip has been selected to supply showroom turntables for a number of prestigious dealerships in Australia and internationally, due to our reputation for delivering turntables that exceed our clients’ quality expectations. The customer experience is about connecting the buyer with the dealership through enjoyable theater, and by using the showroom to heighten people’s emotions.