Railquip will work with you from concept to project completion to meet your specific requirements.

Whatever your needs, we can custom create a turntable for any industry, any application or any size. We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.

Our expertise has been employed across a variety of industries: from rotating doors with architectural requirements to maintenance facilities in the mining industry.

Our vehicle turntables have been installed at the end of piers, and we supplied the world’s largest rotating seating drums for a new convention center. We’ve also been responsible for revolving restaurants around the world – and have even installed tilting tables for the defense industry.

All of these unique projects were designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by Railquip. If you have an idea that requires smart movement systems to meet your objectives, we are here to help.


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At the concept stage our sales, design and engineering teams will collaborate with you to determine all the outputs and considerations that will deliver the best result. Our knowledgeable design and engineering principles ensure that high standards are applied to all of our products, so you can be reassured that your investment is built to the highest possible standard.


A revolving, or rotating, restaurant or bar is an easy way to make your space one of the most recognizable and memorable spots in the city. Create a unique experience for your customers while providing a 360 degree view of your surroundings. Australian Turntable Company has designed and manufactured rotating floors of around 30 feet in diameter for bars as well as the largest revolving restaurant in the world at 164 feet in diameter.


Railquip Turntables are used in many rough environments in the construction, mining, and other industries. Because of this, the turntables need to be robust, reliable and able to withstand harsh environments. This includes sitting on the end of a pier with salt water from the ocean, dirt, dust and other foreign materials from mining trucks.