Residential turntables benefit any development where there is a need to maximize the use of available space. Another benefit is to facilitate traffic flow when vehicles are required to enter and exit in a forward direction.

First of all, we can supply a range of sizes, from single car applications to multiple car turntables, where vehicles are able to rotate on the platform for maximum space saving.

Railquip can work with you to finish the turntable in any material you choose, and we are also able to integrate features that meet your specific requirements.

Safety is always paramount, and Australian Turntables provides vehicle positioning and anti collision systems to reduce the risk of collision with people or property.

Railquip turntables can be installed on inclines, up to a ratio of 1:12.

Our car turntables have a number of benefits in addition to creating space for additional rooms, apartments, townhouses or car parking.

Some municipalities require vehicles to enter and exit in a forward direction. Therefore, car turntables simplify vehicle movements. Above all, this allows the end user to access their garage and driveways more easily.

What all of this ultimately means is that driver vision and safety are markedly improved, reducing the incidence of accidents with people and property.


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Motorcycle turntables simplify access, by taking large vehicles and restricted space availability into consideration. Our motorcycle turntables can accommodate any sized motorbike, including three wheeler’s and quad bikes. If you own more than one motorcycle, selecting the model you wish to ride can be made faster and easier with the addition of a turntable sized to meet your individual requirements.


We offer parking turntables that compliment these technologies and the designs that require their use. Access to car parks in large multi-story car parks or high-rise basements is made safer and easier with parking turntables, and in many cases increases the number of car spaces for the developer.


Driveway turntables are the the most commonly used turntables across Australia, with many homeowners embracing the safety and convenience.
We have a wide range of turntable models, to suit any size vehicle on the market. All budgets are catered for, and we have the capability to meet all of your unique design or architectural requirements.


Simply drive on, park and rotate your vehicle, so you are always ready to leave while facing in the right direction. Our garage or basement turntables allow you to enter and exit your property in a forwards direction, so that you can park in your garage without any risky or inconvenient reversing maneuver. With the ability to accommodate two cars at a time.