Taking Better Pictures With Your Photobooth Turntable


Whether you are in the service or product industry, your business is always in continual competition with well-accomplished players in that industry. Fortunately, they are not invincible. If you position your organization correctly within your niche, you increase your chances of attracting lucrative customers that your business’s vision aims to achieve. However, you have to separate yourself from the rest of the flooded market. To do this, you have to turn your attention to small details that established companies overlook or are simply unwilling to do.

If you have optimized your profit margins, offered high-quality customer service, and have competitively priced your product or service in the market, you should now look further beyond. There are several other aspects of your business that you could turn your attention to. In this article, we will be focusing on 360-degree photography. Let us look at photo booth turntables and how taking better pictures with them can benefit your business, separating yourself from the competition.

What is a Photobooth Turntable?

Also known as a 360 photo booth, the photobooth turntable is one of the most creative and impressive innovations to find its way into the photography industry. This invention has revolutionized people’s perspectives towards meetings, conferences, events, and marketing in general. So, here is a look at what a photobooth turntable does.

Creation of 360-Degree Photographs

Before we look at the benefits of photobooth turntable photography, it is wise for you to understand exactly what we are talking about. While the concept of this kind of photography is not completely new, there are a few critical issues that need clarification. Yet, the production process for 360-degree photography is quite straightforward.

For instance, if a photographer uses conventional photography methods to shoot images of a product, they can suspend it using a fishline or place the product on a rotating table (turntable). In the presence of professional lighting, the product can be deliberately turned, allowing uniform images from all angles to be accurately taken. After this, the fishline or turntable will be edited out using a photo app during the post-production process.

If the photographer wants to take 360-degree shots of an open space like a living room, they will use a camera set on a maneuverable tripod. This allows them to capture images in a predetermined circular motion. Touch-ups can then be performed on the captured images during post-production. This type of photography has three standard formats:

Still Shots

The professional photographer shoots about ten or more product images from every angle. This format is largely dependent on the shape and size of the product.

360-Degree Videos

This involves the production of high-resolution videos that seamlessly turns the vantage point (such as a living room space) or item. The result is a video that gives a smooth view of the product and its angles.

360-Degree Interactive Images

This combines photos from all angles into a single image and is usually run through a specialized photo app. The end product is a photo that flawlessly shows all product angles. You can maneuver to and from different points of view using a mouse or your fingertip. This gives the customer an interactive experience, almost as if they were in your physical storefront.

So, having said that, what are the benefits of using a photobooth turntable to capture pictures?

Key Benefits of a Photobooth Turntable

Photo booth turntable photography has been revolutionizing various industries in the recent past. Particularly, the face of marketing has benefited the most from this technology. Here is a look at some of the benefits your business can enjoy by using photobooth turntables instead of the traditional photography methods.

Captures High-Quality Images

In this day and age, it is common knowledge that; you need to have stunning visuals as part of your overall marketing strategy to have a competitive edge. While taking photos is easier nowadays (e.g., Using smartphones), this is all the more reason your business should seriously consider professional photography.

Whether you are in real estate, car dealerships, eCommerce shops, or service provision, photo booth turntable photography is an essential tool for your business. You need high-quality images for your promotional materials, website, and social networks to stay ahead of your competitors in the current business environment. More so, you should remember that the competition will not be left behind for long. So, take the opportunity immediately to be a leader in your niche.

Creates Better Interactivity

Though it may sound like a cliché, “seeing is believing” actually works. High-quality images such as those captured using a photobooth turntable allow you to elevate this part of your business to greater levels. In turn, this creates a deeper connection with your existing and prospective customers.

People would like to trust that what you show them is what they will get. Research shows that nearly 80 percent of online shoppers want products brought to life using images. What better way to create better pictures than your competition, than investing in a photobooth turntable.

The same is true for business owners in the real estate business. Young adults are 130 percent more likely to book a venue or service if there is a virtual tour, according to a survey by Reimagine Main Street. This interactive nature of marketing establishes trust, which is necessary for building your brand and cementing your business’s reputation.

Increases your Sales and Conversion

One of the biggest benefits of taking better pictures with a photobooth turntable as part of your marketing strategy is the expected increase in your income. If the strategy works effectively, you should experience a rise in sales and conversions of your products and services.

The key to lead-to-sale conversions is increasing traffic to your website. Google SEO evaluates the number of users who visit your website and how long they stay. For this reason, you should have a website that is informative and captivating. Also, holding the visitors’ attention with relevant information and high-quality images increases the chance of them making a purchase.

Promotes Authentic and Creative Media Content

Social media thrives on media content. But, if you want to separate your brand from the rest, you need to generate creative and authentic media content.

While high-quality images are quite essential for your social media marketing (SMM) strategy, your brand will be just like the others in your niche if you stick to the traditional ways of photography. Piling up a collection of still photos in the event portfolio or the gallery page on your website can be confusing and slowly dying out. Instead, get a photobooth turntable for your business and get creative. This will attract more potential customers to your social media pages and subsequently to your website.

Great Addition for Events

If you are an event planner, a photobooth turntable is a must-have in today’s world. Events can quickly become boring if there are no activities and entertainment. This can diminish your reputation in the industry, leading to reduced profitability. So, you should consider buying or hiring a 360-photo booth for your events.

Nowadays, many people take pictures and share them on social media as part of their marketing strategy or personal accounts. This is one of the reasons these photo booths are rapidly gaining popularity. Others include:

Engaging the Attendees

During an event, nothing is more exciting than the creativity and fun that a photobooth turntable brings with it. During breaks, the attendees and audience can capture creative, memorable photos. They will feel more engaged and incorporated into the event, making them think they are an important part of the event. It creates a feeling of appreciation that you considered them. It also reduces the pressure of organizing various analog and digital camera operators.

Increasing Event Publicity

Prospective clients will trust your brand more after seeing your previous works and reviews. After a photobooth turntable experience, clients will trust you more as a business person and a professional in your industry. This will lead to more recommendations due to the established credibility of your brand.

Photo booth Turntables are Cost-Effective

For any business, the impression you make to your customers regarding the quality of your products and services will dictate the kinds of contracts you will get in the future. When you spend more on productive outputs, your existing customers get a reason to refer you for more business.

Investing in a photo booth turntable is a great example of doing this. Satisfied customers and guests alike will be happy to refer you to friends and family who can benefit from your business. One pleased client could even open your business to high-end ventures just by a simple recommendation or review. This type of photo booth is a sure way to give you an edge over your competition while ensuring your return on investment (ROI) is on track.

It Is the Best Solution for Car Dealerships

One of the best marketing strategies for any car dealership is investing in automotive photobooth turntables in today’s world.

It is an easy and effective way for online retailers and car dealerships to capture high-quality images for uploading to their websites. Not only do the videos and images you capture give you an edge over your competitors, but they also give your potential customers greater confidence in your brand.

Also, you will have more control over the photo quality and its consistency due to the lighting and camera setup remaining in a stationary position. This allows car dealerships to process more cars compared to traditional photography.

One of the most reputable suppliers of top-notch photobooth turntables used in the automotive industry is Railquip Inc. Our automotive turntables are reliable and robust. For instance, we have automated dome system turntables such as the LP20000 and LP10000 by Ovad Custom Stages.

Others include the LP5000 and LP6000. They are beneficial to car dealerships because of the high-quality photography, lighting, and turnkey solutions. The images are high quality and do not need the input of professional photographers or any processing. What is more, they allow you to resize, name, and upload files to the internet easily.

Instantaneous Results

It is no secret that the photography industry has been quite marred with complaints of delays in delivering the finished product. While this might be true, especially for photographers who still use traditional techniques, some are yet to bring up advancements in photography technology.

Photo booth turntables are a viable solution for your business to steer clear of such associations and stand out from the rest. These devices have social media and mailing options that ensure customers get their high-quality photos in no time. This not only promotes trust but also enhances customer confidence in your brand.

Also, neither you nor your customers have to incur extra costs and unnecessary time wastage delivering the end product. This is because clients can get their photos and videos on the spot, eliminating inconveniences such as delivery charges. What you get with a photo booth turntable is the ultimate convenience in high-quality photography.

The photos and videos are transferable instantaneously to the numerous photo-sharing platforms and your social media accounts. This feature is especially essential when holding a live event. The authenticity of your product or service, and your brand, are creatively conveyed to your prospective customers virtually.

Getting a Photobooth Turntable

If you are looking to get professional quality photos, well, look no further. At Railquip, we have the best automotive turntables that help you save money without compromising the quality of your photographs.

To learn more about photobooth turntables visit Railquip Inc. at our offices at 3731 Northcrest Road, Suite 6, Atlanta GA, 30340 for more information. You can also call us at 1-800-325-0296 to book an appointment or for any inquiries.