Residential turntables benefit any development where there is a need to maximize the use of available space, to facilitate traffic flow when vehicles are required to enter and exit in a forward direction, and improve driver vision.

We can supply a range of sizes, from single car applications to multiple car turntables, where vehicles are able to rotate and park on the platform for maximum space saving. We also have the ability to match surrounding surfaces, whether it be concrete, paver stones, tile etc.

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  • Small fob that can be attached to a set of keys
  • Top left button operates the turntable counter clockwise (CCW)
  • Top right button operates the turntable clockwise (CW)
  • All buttons are “dead-man” type, meaning the turntable stops when not pressed.
  • Center and bottom buttons are programmable for optional features, like the home position, or can be used to operate a garage door or privacy gate
  • Turntable can also be operated from the main control panel

railquip residential car turntable operation