When you are moving, you can consider various modes of transport to get your car from one location to another. You can drive your vehicle yourself; however, you will need to explore other options if that does not work for you.

One of the most popular choices among movers is transporting a car by rail. Provided that you can make it to the departure and delivery station, it can turn out to be a cheaper choice.

Aside from the price, there are several benefits of transporting your car by rail. Below, we will discuss why you should consider transportation by rail for your next move and provide tips on how you can ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

How are Train Cars Moved?

Train cars are moved in several ways, including:

  •       Using a Railcar Mover — Using a railcar mover is a safe way to move railcars because railcar movers are designed for this task. A railcar mover can move more than 200,000lbs. The machine has an industry-standard rail car coupler, which enables it to connect to any rail car. Railcar movers can move a rail car across asphalt, gravel, or concrete. They can also move rail cars in reverse or forward at an upward speed of 3mph. The railcar mover is equipped with the standard three 36v, 115 amp batteries and a battery discharge indicator. It can run uninterrupted for more than 8 hours a day and does not rely on gas or diesel, so you can safely use it in enclosed areas.
  • Using a Locomotive — Locomotives are a safe way to move railcars because they are heavy-duty machines. They can haul a large number of rail cars at one go, and they require minimal maintenance.
  • Using a Forklift — This is the easiest method to move a train car; however, since forklifts are not designed to carry heavy loads, they cannot be used as a standard mode of transportation.

Do you need to move a train car but don’t have the proper equipment? Railquip, Inc can help. Our main business is the supply of machinery and maintenance equipment for locomotives and cars. Our company offers a complete line of lifting equipment and provides heavy-duty garage maintenance. Feel free to browse our page and contact us for a quote.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Train Car?

Moving a train car can cost you anywhere between $600 and $1,000 if you are moving a smaller car or $8000 and $1,070 if you are transporting a pick-up truck, small van, or SUV. The total price you will end up paying will depend on:

  •       The distance your car needs to travel,
  •       The service or rail line you choose to transport your car with, and
  •       Whether you are moving to or from an area with or without rail terminals.

Moving a train car without a railway car mover can be difficult. You need equipment that can handle the load and a team of technicians that can do the job efficiently and ergonomically. At Railquip, Inc., we provide equipment that makes work easier, such as railcar movers and lifting equipment. Contact us today for more information about our equipment.


What is a Shuttlewagon?

A shuttlewagon is a heavy-duty machine that makes it easier to transport cars from one point to another. Shuttlewagons are full of standard features, including:

  •       90-gallon fuel tank,
  •       ABS vehicle braking system,
  •       Two  air ride operator seats,
  •       Largest power and drivetrain in the industry,
  •       Dynamic traction control to prevent operator misuse,
  •       Cab monitor and exterior-mounted cameras to view rail wheels and couplers.

Added to these, compared to steel wheels, shuttlewagons have significantly increased traction, are cheaper to maintain, and have round-the-clock pneumatic cushioning.

What is a Trackmobile?

A trackmobile is a rail car mover you can count on.  Here’s why:

  •       Trackmobiles have the longest lifespans in the industry.
  •       A trackmobile is 73 percent more fuel-efficient than switching locomotives.
  •       A trackmobile guarantees improved operational efficiency and increased uptime.
  •       If you are in the market for a trackmobile, you can purchase new, used, and rental units.
  •       When it comes to cost ownership, a trackmobile is cost-effective with an industry-leading total cost of 36-50 percent lower maintenance costs.
  •     A trackmobile is an efficient rail car mover. It has steel wheels, which are designed to maintain point contact with the rail.

What Does a Trackmobile Do?

Trackmobiles move and position rail cars. Before railcar movers, such as trackmobile, came into the picture, large locomotives were widely used to move and position cars. Even though locomotives got the job done, today, more individuals prefer using railcar movers because they are more mobile than locomotives; they are bimodal (they can travel on rail and roadways), and convenient.  

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our company boasts of skilled and experienced technicians who can service and provide routine maintenance for virtually all brands and types of railcar movers. 

Because our customers have varying needs, we provide different services such as project management, after-sale service, periodic service contracts, and operating and maintenance personnel training. 

We also sell mobile and stationary train wash units, overhead cranes, material handling equipment, and above-ground car hoist systems.

Our company offers an inventory of railcar mover equipment designed to meet your car moving needs. Our railcar movers are available in models propelled by propane, gasoline, forklifts, and battery-powered models, which can carry up to 1,000 tons. 

We source our equipment from established brands like Rail King and shuttlewagon, which offers the complete electric series in the industry, and Trackmobile, the leading manufacturer of equipment that engineers and builds machines. 

Feel free to visit our site and search for a rail car mover that meets your needs. Our team is prepared to work with you and provide solutions.

Do You Need Help Getting Started in Rail? Let Us Help

Railcar movers are ideal for rail yards and in-plant railcar spotting. If you want to get started in rail, Railquip, Inc. can help. 

We can help you find railcar movers that get the job done meticulously and efficiently. If you are getting started, we can recommend locally produced machines that are simple to operate. 

We strive to be industry leaders in our niche, and our skilled and experienced transportation machinery and equipment specialists will exceed your expectations every time by providing premium services.

With us, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you will get one from a reputable brand whether you are renting or buying a rail car mover. 

Contact us via phone at (770) 458-4157, leave us a message by filling our contact form online, or visit our physical location at 3731 Northcrest Road, Suite 6 Atlanta GA, 30340. We are here to create solutions to specific customer needs.