Railroads require a range of maintenance activities such as changing wheels, servicing light-rail cars, re-railing rolling stock, and repairing the underfloor. It can be a challenge to handle these tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The industry uses various lifting equipment like hoists, cranes, jacks, and lifts to raise the railroads and cars for maintenance, inspection, and repair. These heavy-machinery tools allow the staff to carry out each task effortlessly, saving time and energy. Each machine has its maximum capacity to lift heavy objects. 

Here we give you a low-down on six types of lifting equipment for heavy cars and locomotives:

1. Portable electric jacks

A portable electric jack is the industry standard in maintenance shops and rail yards that can handle the most challenging conditions. It requires minimal maintenance and comes with a welded steel base and structural steel column. 

Railquip’s portable electric jacks are available in lifting capacities of 5 tons through 60  tons per column. It’s a set of four lifting columns controlled by a central console. 

2. Underfloor car hoists and body stands cantilever (JIB)

The truck hoist can lift bogies and comprises four-car hoists, eight body stands, and complete electrical equipment. The capacity is 15 tons per car hoist and 6 tons per body stand. 

Each car hoist system consists of 4 complete spindle lifting elements, lifting beams with cantilever and lifting head, accessible spring slot covers, and telescopic spring legs. It is the car hoist’s mechanical connection that provides synchronization. 

3. Single-axle drop table

The drop table helps release, lower, and transfer single-axle traction motors from class-1 locomotives. It helps in changing locomotive combination wheelset and motor assemblies conveniently and efficiently. 

4. Tank scissor lift

There are various lifts available in the market, such as boom lift, scissor lift, forklift, and single-man lift.

Railquip offers a tanker scissor lift that has a dual-platform scissor lift complete with a 20 HP hydraulic pump unit and 25 feet remote control. It allows the staff to work on the machines without straining their backs. It also improves the speed of performing repetitive stacking/loading tasks. 

5. EGSXL 85 bus/truck lift

A bus lift or truck lift comprises 4, 6, or 8 individual heavy-duty lifts connected to a central control unit. Each lift’s operation can be separately monitored and controlled by a  computer. It ensures that each lift is working in sync with others to deliver a synchronized lowering or lifting operation. The control system is portable and comes with handheld remote control. 

6. Heavy-duty mobile support stand

Mobile support stands hold a piece of equipment or a person at an elevated or extended position. Our support stand has a capacity of 22,000 pounds. It’s adjustable from 49 inches to 71 inches, in increments of 4 inches. It has a coil spring to assist height adjustments and two wheels to facilitate the stand’s effortless movement. 

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