6 Advantages of Buying a Battery Powered Railcar Mover

A battery-powered railcar mover is practical for daily work and is easy to operate on straight-level track dimensions. A person can drive it on the road, pull it off track, and start the mover quickly with shunting operations that save precious time. In addition, the train operations crew can move railcars up to 200 tons on straight-level track dimensions.

A battery-powered railcar mover comes with electric motors and a step-less adjustable control wheel, allowing front and back car movement.  It’s possible to swivel the guide wheels by 135 degrees. With a turning radius of 63 inches, the mover can easily get on and off the track. A person can operate the railcar mover on an elevated track using a radio remote control. On-board is a battery charger with high-performance batteries that range from 320 to 1000 Ah in capacity.

Is A Battery Powered Railcar  Mover A Good Idea?

Adding a battery-powered railcar mover to your fleet of mobile railcars is a smart move. A typical mover uses its full traction weight on the drive wheels to pull up to 350 tons of trail load on a straight and level track. Metros, ports, refining plants, cement manufacturers, warehousing companies, and railroad companies can benefit greatly from an electric-powered railcar mover. Not only are they easy to operate, but they do require little maintenance and are highly efficient than diesel locomotives.

A battery-powered railcar mover has many benefits over the conventional car mover. Its flexibility enables your crew to operate on or off rails with great speed and safety, allowing easier maintenance of freight cars and trains. In addition to easier off-tracking, the staff can use a remote control to maneuver their units effortlessly and connect and disconnect the rail cars to a powered hitch. Below are six major benefits of getting a battery-powered railcar mover from Railquip.

1. Zero Emissions

Rising pump prices and a greater push for greener initiatives have driven many organizations to adopt battery-powered rail car movers for their fleets. Known for their fuel efficiency, these movers have a greater range and smaller carbon footprint. The battery-powered railcar mover produces zero emissions with no tailpipes when running, making them a greener alternative to conventional rail movers. Newer batteries have a carbon footprint that’s typically 2-3 times lower than a few years ago and are still getting cleaner. This reduces the amount of air pollution considerably and helps rail operators stay sustainable. 

2. Low Operating Costs

As a cleaner alternative to diesel-powered railcar mover, the battery-powered railcar mover is a step up in sustainable transportation. Part of the lowering operation costs stems from the fact that electric power trains are more efficient, lowering fuel costs. Unlike movers that use combustion vehicles, they don’t have a complex engine, hence, don’t require all kinds of maintenance.

A typical unit is cost-effective to operate than its diesel-powered counterparts, which can help reduce operating expenses across the company’s fleet of movers. This is because they use rechargeable batteries and don’t have a gasoline engine or fuel tank.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Say goodbye to the high maintenance costs associated with diesel-powered engines. Battery-powered rail car mover eliminates regular maintenance, which is common with other types of railcars. Electric motors have fewer moving parts than diesel engines and don’t require filters or routine oil changes. The unit has a simpler powertrain that rarely experiences the mishaps and issues that plague diesel power car movers.

4. Super Performance

The battery-powered railcar mover generates instant turning force, whereas a combustion engine has a curve of torque that goes up with increased revolutions per minute. Special rail wheels ensure superior rail traction capacity and allow your crew to easily move 3 to 50 railcars at once. Our high-performance unit has low-life cycle costs and offers unmatched safety for your operation crew on straight level track dimensions. You can use the mover in workshops to clean, overhaul, servicing, and maintain your passenger coaches, rail freight cars, or locomotives of any length.

5. Reduced Noise

Another advantage of electric railcar movers is they don’t contribute to noise pollution. Since the railcar mover runs on electric motors, it’s much quieter than diesel-powered engineers. You won’t experience engine-induced vibrations onboard the battery-powered railcar mover. The battery-powered mover is equipped with four electric motors and a step-less control. Battery capacities range

6. Easy to adjust

Noted for its reliability, the battery-powered railcar mover from Railquip is adjustable and suitable for any condition. Our unit has high safety standards and provides excellent maneuverability and rapid on and off tracking in your desired locations. It has variable coupling systems with a height adjustment feature, a wagon brake system, and an open seat within the same frame. Whether driving at low speed or fast, the adjustable acceleration means your crew can efficiently cross tracks and carry out terminal movements during their service checks.

Are you looking for a battery-powered railcar mover for your railroads? 


RailQuip is a trusted supplier of high-quality railcarcaddy rail car mover for track gauges 39.4″ to 65.7″.  Our battered powered unit doesn’t operate on gas, is quiet on level track. One person can operate it safely with a radio remote control indoor or outside. We’ll factor in the turning radius of the railroads you’re using and give you a cost breakdown with every quote. Contact our design engineers at 1-800-325-0296 to customize your railcar mover features depending on your company’s rolling stock needs or track gauges.