4 Things to Consider When Buying Vehicle Turntables

Vehicle turntables are useful as a fixture at automobile shows and dealer showrooms to display shiny new toys. Electronic car turners are also popular among luxury property builders for their wow factor and accommodating parking vehicles in tightly planned and narrow driveways or limited turnaround space. 

Here are four things to consider before buying a vehicle turntable:

1. Customization

The amount of customization that you include with your carousel order will directly influence the price you pay. If you require a custom-built turntable of a certain height, width, or decoration with extras like lights and remote control access, it’ll demand a higher price. If you want to stay within budget, find an economical standard design from a manufacturer that matches your criteria. 

2. Size and capacity

When choosing a car turntable for your garage, ensure that it’s at least 1 meter wider than your car wheelbase. But install the largest possible turntable that your space and budget will allow. The sizes for vehicle turntables range from 3.5 meters and 100 meters, and the load capacity can vary between 3 tons and 100 tons. We have turntables for loading docks and light, medium, and heavy trucks. 

3. Design

There are two types of turntables available for homeowners: above-ground and in-ground. The top surface of a regular pit-type or in-ground turntable will lay flat with the driveway. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. You can choose between concrete, timber, tiled, polished aluminum, or diamond tread steel finish with regular type turntables. 

Alternatively, you can have a turntable installed on an existing concrete slab that won’t require a pit. It’s called an above-ground turntable and needs the driver to mount the turntable to use it. It’s surrounded by a ramp that allows you to drive onto the turntable in your driveway. These turntables require additional space because of the surrounding ramp and are only suitable for indoor locations. 

4. Operation

Car turntables are either manual or motorized. The latter allows the user to operate the turntable using a remote control, making it easier to spin the vehicle around without leaving the car. It’s an excellent option for those wanting to turn a vehicle around in a tight space. It is possible to have the car turn 360 degrees, drive it into space by the side of your home, and then turn it around to drive out again, using the remote control. 

Railquip offers simple motorized turntables with fully automated systems. They assist with vehicle positioning, ensuring that it is in the correct position, check safety parameters, and rotate to a programmed position without you getting out of the car. 

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