Metro Phoenix Project

In 1993, the Valley Metro board adopted the name Valley Metro as the identity for the regional transit system in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Some parts of the line, such as near State Route 202, are long stretches which have no contact with vehicle traffic. The vehicles used are rated for a maximum speed of 55 mph and are expected to have an average speed of 25 mph during rush hour over the 20 mile route, completing it in approximately 50 minutes. An equivalent section of the Red Line bus route that the rail line replaced took 80 minutes. There are 27 stations on the initial twenty-mile starter segment, which celebrated its grand opening on December 27th, 2008, with thousands of local residents waiting as long as an hour or more to ride the vehicles. Station platform areas will be approximately 16 feet wide by 300 feet long. Railquip provided the Maintenance Facility with one whole set of Re-railing Equipment, one Maxi Rail Car Mover, as well as Portable Wheel Dollies.

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