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Maracaibo Project

Metro de Maracaibo - Maracaibo, Venezuela:

At the western Venezuelan end the city of Maracaibo, capital of the Zulia State, is located. It is the second largest city in Venezuela.The population is approximately 1.3 million. It is one of the countries top oil centers. Maracaibo is located on the coast of the lake named after the city. Cars, buses and trucks with their constant flow of manufactured goods and agricultural product depend on a ferry system between the city and the eastern shore with their roads to connect to the countries highway system.
The first phase of Metro de Maracaibo is currently under construction and will be 6.5 kilometer long,along Avenue Sabaneta with 6 stations, 4 at grade and 2 elevated. The first station is located next to the maintenance facility. The cars will be supplied by Siemens Transportation Systems and are designed for a maximum speed of 70 kilometer per hour, average travel speed will be at 35 kilometer per hour. Each train will consist of 3 20-meter long cars designed for overhead 750 volt DC power supply. Railquip, Inc. supplied and installed all of the maintenance equipment necessary for maintaining the cars and track.

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