A cable channeling system for the economic laying of cables and wires.

The low weight

Has been realized by utilizing suitable plastic materials. There are various benefits for the user in terms of construction and applications, which one could not reach with conventional systems.


Obstacles can be avoided through the flexible system. The solutions are premanufactured angle-parts, or through easy on-site preparation of the plastic channelings.


Channeling can be put into pre-existing ground gravel, next to straight and curved lines on bridges, spans and difficult, hard to maintain zones , etc.


The major benifit

for the user is an easy check of the channelways and an uncomplicated relaying of cables and wires in an existing run of channelling. If it should be necessary to change the cabling, e.g. adding another cable, the covers are removed from the troughs, the new cable is laid in the channel, and the covers are replaced(without any destruction of the channel).

The plug connection system

enables a direction - stabilized, non - positive, form - proofed connection system. Large radius' can be laid because of the amount of play among junctions. Three different connectors and a key are the auxiliaries for coupling, closing and opening of the channel.


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