Power Lift Bags & Air Bags


Specification & Technical Data

Power Lift Bags for Railroads, Metro Systems & Mining Companies

The distinguishing feature of Power Lift Bags 8.0 bar/116 psi is the noiseless, jolt-free, and smooth lifting of the heaviest loads. They lift, push, press, prise and split. The surface profile improves grip on slippery ground such as grass, sand etc. They are produced in two versions. Both versions have a multi-layer construction which covers each side of the bag. This is either steelcord or aramide reinforcement. Both versions have antistatic and self-extinguishing characteristics and are therefore permitted for the mining industry. Selection of the Lifting Bag is dependent on the weight of the load to be lifted as well as the height. This means that the Lifting Bag develops the greatest lift power at the beginning of the lift and the greatest possible lift height in the unloaded state. The result is that the lift height becomes shorter with increased load. This can be seen in the "Force vs. Stroke diagram". These diagrams can be obtained for each individual bag on request

 Nine sizes for all types of applications ranging from 10 tons up to  70 tons


Serveral Steel insertion-construction for extreme high strength


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