Portable Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment

The Portable Hydrualic Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rarailing equipment makes it a useful tool in solving rarailing problems safely, quickly and cost effectively; preventing further damage to track or rolling stock.

The light metal alloy rerailing system is easily transported to a scene of a derailment by a road/rail equipped truck road / rail equipped trailer, rail bound car or helicopter

Custom designed packages are available depending on the type of rolling stock.

Packages consist of the following items:

1. Aluminum alloy lifting jacks: capacity range 20 - 220 tons per jack.

2. Lateral move equipment

  • Extruded aluminum alloy rarailing bridges ranging from 1 meter to 4.5 meters in length (3.3'-14.8')
  • Roller carriages
  • Traversing cylinders
  • Distance bars
  • Axle pusher
  • Steel Counter Support
  • Rerailing bridge connectors

3. Hydraulic pump units either gasoline, diesel or electrically powered

4. Hand pump

5. Control desk

6. Color Coded hydraulic hose lines 16.4 ft. and 32.8 ft long.

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