Locked Axle Dollies

The Portable Wheel Dolly (Auxiliary Truck) for railroad cars and locomotives Model RQ35 is capable of supporting axle loads of 35 tons at 20 MPH and intermittent loads of 75 tons at 3MPH.

The Portable Rail Wheel Dolly for rail transit cars Model RQ 17.6 is capable of supporting rail vehicles with the following wheel diameter range: 26" to 28" and 29.7" to 39.4". The carrying capacity of the unit is 17.6 tons.

The Portable Rail Wheel Dolly is used to move disabled cars or locomotives of which important travel gear parts are defective, back to the car shop without causing flat spots or damage to the rail. The individual components of the Rail Wheel dolly (Auxiliary Truck) can be assembled on site. These trucks are custom made for either light rail or heavy rail vehicles with single or dual motor trucks. The capacity can range from 17.6 tons to 35 tons per axle.


Capacity 17.5 to 35 tons
Rail Speed 20 MPH
Single Component Weight up to 125 lbs
intermittent Rail Speed 3 MPH

The Rail Wheel Dolly has a modular design with 17.6 tons and 35 tons capacity models, and is easily assembled by two individuals without the use of additional equipment. Once the unit has been assembled, the car with the damaged weel must be jacked approximately 4" - 9" depending on the rail wheel dolly model. (Available Lifting Equipment) The cars may be coupled or uncoupled whichever is more suitable for the situation. Now the Rail Wheel Dolly is rolled under the damaged wheel set. The car is then lowered onto the Rail Wheel Dolly, the jacks are removed and you are ready to roll!

The complete unit assembled weighs 900 lbs. respectively, with the heaviest single component weighing 90 lbs. Very little maintenance is required, but as with all equipment, the dolly should be inspected annually or more frequently, depending on usage.

When the car or locomotive has been moved to its destination for repair, the car is jacked and the Rail Wheel Dolly is removed. When the Rail Wheel Dolly is no longer required, it is easily disassembled for storage.

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