Autonomous Rail Grinding System Type RQ 3389

The autonomous rail grinding system of type RQ 3389 can be used for the grinding of corrugations and small waves, for rail cross section reprofiling, for the elimination of rail surface defects and for the grinding of new rails and switches.

 Application and construction :

  • Usable for Vignole and grooved rails
  • Fully switch-worthy (guide rail)
  • Variable gauge from 35.4 to 60 inch
  • Modular construction
  • Locomotive and energy-supply unit (LOK)
  • One or two double-shaft grinding units (SE)
  • Dust vacuuming system
  • Hydraulic wheel and grinding shaft drive
  • Hydraulic lateral adjustment
  • Hydraulic angular adjustment
  • Hydraulic grinding shaft positioning
  • Hydraulic lifting of the grinding shaft assembly
  • Hydraulic on-/off-railing with electric wheel drive • Automatic grinding pressure monitoring
  • All main functions remotely controlled
  • Grinding wheel 0 up to 5.9 inch
  • Grinding wheel 0 up to 11 inch (adapter necessary)Road-transportable by truck (lifting platform)


Specifications and energy supply (LOC)

Engine Hatz 3- cylinder diesel engine
Power output 35 KW
Rail wheel drive - Hydraulic variable pump

- 4- wheel drive

- Forward and reverse

Brakes - Hydrostatic Wheel brake

- Spring loaded parking brake

Driving speed 0 - 13 MPH, continuous
Grinding speed 0 - 3.1 mph, continuous
Off - railing drive 24 V DC
Power supply Total of 4 lead Batteries
Dimensions(LxWxH) 73,59,75 inch
Weight 2757 lbs

Specification of grinding unit SE

Range of angular adjustment 30º outside to 72º inside
Lateral adjustment range 3.14 inch
Grinding wheel adapter - In the guidrail area

- In the erea of the switch

- For deburring

Grinding performance - Rail head(max. 0.012 inch corrugation depth)

approx.493 ft rail/hour

- Rail head reprofiling:

approx.493 ft rail/hour

Grinding depth 0.0059 inch
Operation 1 person
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.9, 5.6, 6.6 ft
Weight 1653 lbs

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