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Charlotte Area Transit Authority Project

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is the largest transit system between Atlanta, GA
and Washington, DC with over 70 local and regional routes, a light rail line and historic
trolley, services for the disabled, and vanpools with more than 26,000,000 trips taken
each year.On November 24, 2007, the first light rail line—a 9.6-mile (15.5-km) line known
as the Lynx Blue Line — opened. It runs between Uptown Charlotte and stops short of
Pineville, using a railroad right-of-way paralleling South Boulevard in its entirety. The
line has 15 stations. It shares trackage with the Charlotte Trolley from the Atherton Mill
station to the 7th Street station. Subsequently expected to open is a light rail line to
the northeast. It will open in phases, with the first phase to reach 36th Street in 2013
and the second phase to reach I-485, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, in
2018. The corridor will be 14 miles (22.4 km) long,with 14 stations. Railquip delivered 1
set of 8 (eight) 20 Ton capacicty Lifts,1 (one) Turntable, 16 (sixteen) Jack Support Stands
and 1 (one) set of Re-raiing Equipment.

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