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Mobile & Stationary Train Wash Units

Mobile Train Wash Units

Fleetcleaner - Specifications Series 5000 (Catch Basin)

  • Engine Brand  Kohler / Kubota
  • Type  gas / diesel
  • Horse Power 25 / 28
  • Cylinders 2 / 4
  • Fresh Water (gal) 230 /  230
  • Foul Water (gal) 125 / 125
  • Chemical Cap (gal)2 @ 8 /  2 @ 8
  • Width 7' 2" /  7' 2"
  • Length 10' 6" / 11' 0"
  • Wheel Base 6' 0"  /  6' 0"
  • Height (minimun) 11' 4"  /  11' 4"
  • Dry weight (lb) 4,475  /  4,675

Mobile Brush Wash Series 5000 has the following standard features:

  • Catch Basin
  • Water Reuse System
  • Air Brush - 10' brush
  • Cab
  • Two Chemical Tanks
  • 25 HP Kohler Gasoline Engine
  • 7'2" Wide
  • 230-Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 125-Gallon Reclaim Water Tank
  • 4-Wheel Steering
  • 90°Steering
  • Adjustable Brush
  • Detailing Wand
  • Hose Reel


The Fleetcleaner 5000 Series also is

  • Totally Self-Contained and Self-Propelled
  • Dependable Hydraulic Operations
  • Off the shelf components
  • Easy to Operate by your staff
  • Ease of Maintenance and Repair


The 5000 Series features a special patented "Catch Basin" and Water Refuse Version for Envriomental Compliance.














Stationary Train Wash Units

One (1) Complete Train Wash and Water Recovery System. Systems include but are not limited to the following:


  • Detergent arch
  • Detergent storage tanks
  • Detergent pre-mix and injection system
  • High pressure longitudinal roof spray and pump
  • High pressure wheel and truck spray and pump
  • 4 pairs of brushes; 1 pr. eaves/roof brushes, 1 pr. side brushes, 1 pr. front-side-rear cleaning brushes to clean above anti-climber, 1 pr. front-side-rear cleaning brushes to clean from the side of the couplings and skirts
  • Air system for brush control/retraction
  • Window foamers
  • Primary reclaim rinse arch
  • Final rinse arch
  • High pressure longitudinal roof rinse and pump
  • High pressure wheel and truck rinse and pump
  • Brush bearing system, UHMW bearings require no lubrication
  • Motor control center with programmable control


Water Recovery System

  • Sump pump
  • Filtration systems
  • Neutralizing and pH monitoring system
  • Sludge collection and removal system
  • Recycled water storage tanks
  • All necessary pumps for repressurization and filtration
  • 90% Water recovery for re-use
  • Oil/water separator for sewer discharge
  • All specified and required spare parts


Turnkey packages including:

  •  Engineering
  • Design
  • Installation of fixed train wash facilities for: passenger cars, locomotives or LRV systems.
  • Training of operating personnel















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Mechanical Wheel Handlers


wheel handeler 3.4


Mechanical Wheel Handeling Device

  • Low height requirements
  • No special training
  • No hydraulic hook up required
  • Mechanical lock to wheel
  • Safety locks
  • Simple to operate
  • Handles all sizes of car wheels
  • Operated from cab of forklift
  • The Mechanical Wheel Handler was designed for handling car wheels with the diameter range of 28", 33", 36" and 38".
  • The Wheel Handler can be operated with a forklift truck equipped with a mast having tilting capability in both directions.
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Intermodal Car Lift System


The Hydraulic Intermodal Car Scissor Lift Table is powered by a Honda engine mounted on top of a hydraulic tank equipped with wheels for easy portability. The lift can either be operated from the control mounted on top of the pump unit or with a remote control - which is standard equipment. The 25' electric pendant control (waterproof) is equipped with stop and start buttons.

Due to its short length and low weight, the lift table can be easily maneuvered with a 10,000 lb. forklift truck. It has a short turning radius and is safe to operate since the operator can view all moving parts standing on one side of the car. It offers a safe operation as it is not equipped with a hydraulic gate. The lifting platform pivots to allow for the arc created by the car as it is being raised.


Since the jack uses the railbed for support, it can be used anywhere in the yard having access with a forklift. The jack is also supplied with a mechanical wheel handling device (Optional). It is simple to operate and can handle all sizes of wheels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Retractable height of the lift: 6.62"
  • Width: 33"
  • Lenght: 154"
  • Total extended beam height: 31.62"
  • Beam Elevation: 25" (beam vertical movement)
  • Weight: 4,050 lbs



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Heavy Duty Mobile Lifts


Railquip, Inc.’s Heavy Duty Screw Type Mobile Lifts for the rail transit / railroad industries are normally supplied as a set of four (4) lifting columns ( or multiples as required) controlled by a Central Control Console . Each lifting column is equipped with a fixed or horizontally movable lifting cantilever. The columns are moveable by hand or may be designed to be moved electrically on an embedded auxiliary rail. The construction of these jacks is based on years of experience in the field of railroad / rail transit vehicle lifting and exceeds the highest standards of lifting safety requirements for accident or injury prevention or equipment damage. CAPACITY: Railquip’s Heavy Duty Rail Transit, / Railroad Lifts are available in lifting capacities of 5-Tons through 50- tons per column.


  • Low position of the lifting cantilever above the top of rail
  • Self-locking, non reversing lifting spindle nut  with safety follower nut
  • Enclosed gearbox with brake motor with long life lubrication
  • Lifting / lowering movement supervised and synchronized by central computer console
  • Lift columns are of Heavy Duty all-steel construction with built in roller guides for
  • The self locking lifting spindle is suspended from the upper head by self aligning roller
  • The gear motor contains roller bearings sealed in an oil bath, flanged to the brake motor.
  • The spindle nut is made of cast bronze.
  • The lifting carriage is guided within the lift column by means of wheel flanged rollers.
  • The cantilever can be designed to be horizontally adjustable by means of a manually operated gear.
  • Columns can be designed to be moved by hand on  concrete floor,  on  an embedded auxiliary rail, or electrically on an auxiliary rail.
  • The lifting columns are lifted and lowered on their traveling wheels by means of a hand crank.
  • Lifting sets can be designed to be controlled from a single column, hand held remote control
  • pendant, central console or any combination of the three.



  • Customized lifting accessories, cross beams, claws, or other suspensions can be offered for differing situations.
  • Rolling Jack Support Stands in various capacities are available



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Forklift Truck Propelled Railcar Mover

An economical way to switch rail cars with superior component reliability

The Portable Railcar Mover is designed for normal track gauge of 56.5". Maximum shunting speed is 1.5 -3.1 MPH. A Conversion Kit for speeds at 4.35 to 5.59 MPH is also available. The drive wheels of the forklift truck (weighing 2 to 10 tons) transfer the force onto four drive rollers. From these drive rollers, the force is transferred via chains to rubber coated flange wheels. The high traction capacity of 330 -660 tons is obtained by the friction between rubber and steel. The driving and guide rollers are arranged in a way that the differential gear of the forklift truck enables it to negotiate even small curves, radii and turnouts with a minimum of friction. Due to its solid construction, the Portable Railcar Mover is almost maintenance free.

forklift  1

forklift 2

1. Portable 2. Forklift railcar mover, 660 ton capacity

forklift 3

forklift 4

3. Quickly set to begin operation 4. AAR contoured coupler firmly grips car

1. The forklift truck is used to take the Railcar Mover to an embedded track area and position it on the rail.

2. Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the car mover. Unit is secured by lifting the fork brackets against the crossbeam and the ramps are raised.

3. The Railcar Mover is coupled with the railroad/rail transit car(s) to be moved.

4. Now the Railcar mover is ready for action. It can safely move complete sets of railcars up to 330 or 660 tons (depending on forklift truck and WRG model).

Technical Data

(Depending on forklift truck) WRG "N" WRG-S-300 WRG-SL-600
Push/Pull Capacity, Braking effect tons up to 330 up to 330 up to 660
Speed (Depending on forklift truck) 1.5-3.1 MPH 1.5-3.1 MPH 1.5-3.1 MPH
Brake Distance with load of 330 tons 39" 39" 39"
Ramp Gradient 9.5% 9% 9%
Total Width of Ramps, Adjustable 52"-39" 68"-59" 83"-55"
Total Width of Rollers 52" 64" 83"
Width Per Roller 17.3" 24" 28"
Number of Rubber Wheels 8 10 10
Drive Wheel Diameter 12" x 4.7" 12" x 4.7" 12" x 4.7"
Total Weight 3307 lbs 3968 lbs 5075 lbs
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Exhaust Evacuation System




Our part stationary extract system is an economical solution for railcars or block trains.

Using a radio control panel or modern touch panel, the extract hoods move automatically into the correct capture position. Whether five, ten, fifteen, or more units are available, the system can be deployed rapidly and offers high acceptance and usability.


Mobile Swivel-Arms Wall-Guided


This system is particularly suited to halls with cranes and a fixed or mobile catenary.

Using a radio control panel or modern touch panel, the extract hoods move automatically into the correct capture position. Whether five, ten, fifteen, or more units are available, the system can be deployed rapidly and offers high acceptance and usability.

Travel Range:                          Any distance
Number of Swivel Arms:          Any
Swivel Arm Length:                 Up to 39 ft.
Working Area:                         Radius up to 49 ft.  x system length
Extraction Volume:                  Any




Spanning up to 98 ft., these systems are particularly advantageous in large workshops with existing bridge cranes and many roads.

Running on an existing crane rail, they recognize obstacles, are operated remotely, and can be provided with or without an optical monitoring display on the remote control.


Telescopic System: Rotating Swivel Arms


Rotating swivel arms with telescoping jib for large quantities of exhaust gas, the extract hood can be manually driven over the exhaust. Jib lengths up to 29.5 ft. are possible.


Slotted Extraction Rail Swivel Arms Duo


This moveable extraction unit is ideal for fixed workstations.

It can be mounted on hall beams, walls or on a stand and has plug-in swivel arm with a slewing range of approximately 320 degrees.

Slewing Range: r = 39 ft.
Working Area: Up to approximately 49 ft.
Extraction Volume: < 5,000 m³/h


Railway Slotted Extraction Rail System


Fixed to the hall roof structure, this system is idea for areas with working platforms, cranes, and fixed or mobile catenary.

Travel Range:                                               Any distance
Number of Rotatable Extraction Units:         Any
Extraction Volume:                                       Any

Available with optional system lifting device for electric vehicles.


RailBridge System


The system can be used for any application and all working areas, whether with working platforms, cranes, or a moveable catenary.

Installation to hall roof structure.

Travel Range:                           Any distance.
Working Area:                          Radius up to 59 ft. x system length.
Number of Extraction Units:     Any

Extraction hoods on bridge run laterally.

Optionally available with system lifting device for electric vehicles.


Multibridge Telescopic System


Fitted to the hall roof structure, this system can be used for any application.

Catering for two working areas, it is compatible with working platforms, cranes, and catenary.

Working area:         Radius up to 49 ft. x system length.

Extraction hoods run laterally, telescopic up to 19.7 ft. long.

Available with an optional extendable telescopic extractor for a second road.

Extraction volume:     <5,000 m³/h


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Railbound Cranes up to 172 tons capacity


It's the world's strongest telescopic railway crane.


DH 1600

  • 25 to 176 Ton Capacity Crane Models Available
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powered
  • Self propelled at 15 MPH or 75 MPH in Train Consist
  • Boom Telescopes with Load on Hook
  • Used under Catenary or in Tunnels
  • Clear Derailments/Track Laying/Bridge Work/Pile Driving/Other Heavy Duty Material Handling
  • Lift Rolling Stock Inside Tunnels with Rescue Fork
  • Can be Equipped to Operate in super Elevated Curves under full Capacity


Automatic Super-elevation Compensation System

The crane is equipped with a levelling device which levels the crane fully automatically when traveling into an elevated track section. Maximum super - elevation 6.3 inch. The levelling device guarantees to keep the crane's centre of gravity point in the centre line of the rail track. Thus, the lifting capacities free on wheels remain unchanged even in elevated curves. The vertical wheel loads remain the same as on level tracks. Note: Technical data can be modified during design stage, if technical progress affords such modification. This will not affect the general concept.



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Coupler Lift System 50-Ton

One Coupler lift system with the following description:

  • Retracted height: 20"
  • Width: 37" -Length: 72"
  • Total Beam Height: (Extended Height) 63.94"
  • Load Side Shift +/- 8” (16“ in total).
  • Weight 5,350 lbs.


The lift is positioned with a 12,000 lb. all-terrain short wheel base forklift truck underneath the couplers of two coupled cars or under a car with high centersill. It is hydraulically operated with remote control equipped hydraulic pump unit.

  • One Forklift Truck with the following description:
  • 12,000 lb. capacity
  • Perkins Diesel Engine -4 x 4 -Enclosed Cab
  • With two-wheel steer
  • 12' lift -Clearview mast
  • 3-speed power shift with electronic controls
  • Amber light


Also includes:

A. One Hydraulic Pump Unit equipped with 20 HP Honda engine, electric start, rubber tired wheels and 35' remote control cable.

B. One Mechanical Wheel Handling Device, 28-38" wheel diameter range.

wheel handeler 3.1.1

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