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A cable channeling system for the economic laying of cables and wires.

The low weight

Has been realized by utilizing suitable plastic materials. There are various benefits for the user in terms of construction and applications, which one could not reach with conventional systems.


Obstacles can be avoided through the flexible system. The solutions are premanufactured angle-parts, or through easy on-site preparation of the plastic channelings.


Channeling can be put into pre-existing ground gravel, next to straight and curved lines on bridges, spans and difficult, hard to maintain zones , etc.


The major benifit

for the user is an easy check of the channelways and an uncomplicated relaying of cables and wires in an existing run of channelling. If it should be necessary to change the cabling, e.g. adding another cable, the covers are removed from the troughs, the new cable is laid in the channel, and the covers are replaced(without any destruction of the channel).

The plug connection system

enables a direction - stabilized, non - positive, form - proofed connection system. Large radius' can be laid because of the amount of play among junctions. Three different connectors and a key are the auxiliaries for coupling, closing and opening of the channel.


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Toe jack - This is a heavy duty version and it can perform all of the same functions as the F805BR. This is primarily used for switches and crossing work. Capacity, 20 tons in head, 15 tons on toe; weight, 85 lbs; closed height, 13.5", toe,7.5", toe-to-head, 6"; lift, 6"; slewing stoke, 4.3".




Pan Jack -Commonly known as the "mini - track jack", obstructionless when operated inside or outside the track when released and handle removed. This tool is used by railroad companies for day- to- day routine work. Lifting capacity, 11 tons; weight 36 lbs.; closed height 3.75"; extended height 7.75"; lift,4".




Track Aligner - for use inside or outside the track and obstructionless when released and handle removed. This jack has been designed for the aligning and slewing of track, including points and crossings. It is the most advanced tool produced specifically for this purpose and is the latest addition to the Railquip range of hydraulic track equipment. When positioned in the ballast, its low profile makes it obstructionless. It may be used during traffic intervals and left in the track. Its horizontal action slides the ties through the ballast with minimal disturbance of the top of the track. Constructed of mild steel, it is lightweight when compared to its capacity and robust enough to meet the arduous operating conditions required. It consists of two main parts, hydraulic ram unit, having a six(6) inch stroke, and an aluminum base designed to provide a firm anchorange in the ballast. The swivel head has been designed so that it can be positioned flat against the web of any rail. Two pump operating handles are available:


Lightweight toe jack- obstructionless when used outside of the permanent way when released and handles removed. Capacity 8.8 tons on head, 5.5 tons on toe; weight 44 lbs; closed height, head 9.5", toe, 4", toe-to-toe, 5.5"; lift 3.5"; slewing stroke, 2.5" head



  • The measuring system shows all measured values on a clear LCD-display. That mens all data are easily seen at a glance and reading errors or inaccuracies are avoided by thus
  • Opto-electronic sensors eliminate reading errors and inaccuracy due to parallax. PTP is resistant to any electromagnetic effects and can be used in any weather.
  • Illuminated LCD-display





Digital Measuring devices are used to set standarts within track and rail business. With the digital switch gauge and cant measuring device this is once again demontrated successfully. Due to the advantages of the digital technology the operation of the measuring gauge is simplified and an even higher level of accuracy and safety is offered, too. But there are some more convincing benefits while useing the digital way of measurement.


  • DIGITAL BASIC MEASURING DEVICE: microprocessor - controlled, four - line LCD (2.9 X 0.9 inches, illuminated), opto - electronic sensor - resolution: 0.003937 inch, weight: 6.6 lb
  • MEMORY MODULE: Storage capacity: 3000 measurements or 60 switches, 2 NIMH batteries-operation time: 25 hours, weight: 7.7 ounces, dimensiones: 2.9 X 2.6 X 1.2 inches
  • SOFTWARE: for all switches and diamond crossings (with or without slip), for all gauges, freely programmable measurement points, theoretical values and tolerances, four stage checklist, switch history, Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and XP (Standard delivery package: CD, handbook)
  • SWITCH CADDY: operation level 28.7 inches above top of rail, insulated, weight: 53 lb.



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Tank Scissor Lift


Tank Scissor Lift System HN-SL 800
100-Ton Capacity

Comprised of a dual plateform scissor lift complete with 20 HP hydrailic pump unit and 25feet remote control.

Height: retracted 12.75"
            extended 39.75"

Length:  262.38"
Width:   152.50"

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 01:25

RQL70 Mobile Lift System


Railquip's RQL-70 Heavy Duty Mobile Column Lifts are available in configurations of 4,6 or 8 columns with a total combined lifting capacity as high as 132,000 pounds. A low friction recirculating ball bearing screw-nut assembly suspended from the top of the column provides the lifting power. The RQL - 70 Mobile Lift Column Lift System features microprocessor controls with automatic synchronization and communication between columns. The RQL-70 has 3 separate modes of operation and detection of load nut failure. The automatic shutoff provides extra safety in case of contact with an obstacle. With the mobile power supply unit the RQL-70 requires no master column, giving the user the ability to control the system from any column. The RQL-70 system's controls are easy to use and feature up/down, mode selection and emergency stop buttons. The equipment is engineered and built under quality assurance standarts and certification of ALI/ETL ensuring years of service with the highest degree of dependability and safety.

Technical Data

  • Model        RQL-70
  • Height        97.6 inches        
  • Stroke        69.0 inches
  • Lifting Speed    105 seconds
  • Weight        920 lbs.
  • Capacity    16,000 lbs./ Column



Wednesday, 02 July 2014 01:06

Heavy Duty Mobile Support Stand

Heavy Duty Mobile Support Stand

supportstand2The support stand has a capacity of 22,000 pounds with a cradle support pad. The stand is adjustable from 49 inches to 71 inches, in increments of four inches (4"). The cradle support pad is fitted on a screw / nut irreversible device able to allow the fine adjustment of the stand pad under the load. The adjustment of the screw is possible for a total adjustment of no less than four (4) inches so that any position between two of the above mentioned increments is possible. Each stand is equipped with a coil spring for assisting in height adjustments. Two (2) wheels and a handle are provided for easy maneuvering and displacement.


sand011Mobile sand filling systems for the environmental friendly supply of rail vehicles with brake sand enjoy a good reputation all over the world.

The experienced Railquip team offers support and advice, from the planning of your maintenance facilities and the construction of your sand boxes and/or their filling openings to extensive service and maintenance of the system. Take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience!

 Technical Data and Specific Features:

  • independent of external air and electric power supplies during
  • the sand filling process at the rail car vehicles
  • compact design, low weight
  • ease of operation
  • manoeuverable either manually or by means of a forklift
  • filled from sand storage silos, big -bag equipments or sand bags
  • sand filling hose including filling nozzle (registered design)
  • sand filling capacity approx. 2.64 gallons/min.
  • internal air and electric power supply sufficient to fill approx.
  • 264-317 gallons brake sand
  • integrated dust extraction
  • protected control elements for electric and pneumatic functions
  • color RAL 1028 safety yellow


Length: 37.4"
Width: 29.5"
Height: 46"
Weight: 450 lbs.
Sand Content: 26.5 gallons
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 02:32

EGSXL 85 Bus/Truck Lift



Each system consists of a set (4, 6 or 8) of individual, portable heavy duty lifts, connected to a Central Control Unit. The Central Control Unit contains a computer,which monitors and controls the operation of the lifting columns. Each column is cable linked to The Central Control Unit. The computer separately monitors each lift. During operation, the data is continuously analyzed by the computer and coordinated with data from the other lifts in the system to deliver a synchronized lifting / lowering operation. During operation, the display panel on the control console continuously in dicatesthe height of each lifting column in the system. >The operator has the ability to control the movement of individual lifts if desired. Error messages on the display panel alert the operator in the event of system malfunction, and specify which individual lifting column is the source of the malfunction. If an error is detected, the Central Control Unit computer will automatically stop the operation, preventing personnel injury and equipment damage.The Central Control Unit, being mobile, allows the operator to control the operation from a safe distance. An optional HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL, when connected to the Central Control Unit, affords the operator even greater mobility.


  • Mechanical fail safe device secures lifts in the event of power failure
  • System maintains vehicle equilibrium within 3/4" (20mm)
  • The Control Panel contains Main Switch, Control Button for UP and DOWN travel,Emergency Stop Button, and Lifting Column Selection Button.
  • Control panel indicates printed messages for the following: lifts in motion,continuous read-out of individual columns lifting position, error messages, direction of travel, and historical data of last 500 events
  • Audible alarm alerts the operator that one or more lifts are in motion
  • Control panel monitors use time and issues a message, "Maintenance Required"when scheduled maintenance is due.
  • Optional accessories available include: HAND HELD REMOTE CONTROL,SUPPORT STANDS in various capacities and SMALL WHE.EL ADAPTORS


Model Height Stroke Speed Weight Capacity
   in (mm)  in (mm)  in/min (mm/min)  lbs. (kg)  tons/jack
 EGSXL85  96.5 (2450) 63 (1600)  28.4 (720)  1102 (500)  8.5
 EGSXL50  96.5 (2450)  68.9 (1750)  22.7 (576)  992 (450)  5.5
 EGSXL85Ls  104.3 (2650)  68.9 (1750)  28.4 (720)  1146 (520)  8.5
 EGSXL100  96.5 (2450)  63 (1600)  28.4 (720)  1146 (520)  11
 EGSXL100Ls  104.3 (2650)  68.9 (1750)  28.4 (720)  1190 (540)  11
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Maxi Railcar Movers Battery Powered




Battery Powered Railcar Mover

  • Turning Radius 69"
  • For track gauges from 56.5" to 65.6"
  • Radio remote control on road and rail
  • Traction capacity: approx. 110 tons on straight level track
  • Dimensions (approx.): 67" (length) x 73" (width) x 47" (height)


Traveling Platform
Thanks to its compact design, the B-MAXI S can be used in narrow work zones. It remains on the traveling platform together with the wagon.




Battery Powered Railcar Mover

  • Turning Radius 63"
  • For track gauges from 39.4" to 65.7"
  • Radio remote control on road and rail
  • Traction capacity: approx. 220 tons on straight level track
  • Dimensions (approx.): 114" (length) x 69" (width) x 47" (height)





Battery Powered Railcar Mover

  • Turning Radius 69"
  • For track gauges from 39.4" to 65.7"
  • Radio remote control on road and rail
  • Traction capacity: approx. 330 tons on straight level track
  • Dimensions (approx.): 114" (length) x 69" (width) x 47" (height)





Battery Powered Railcar Mover

  • Turning Radius 69"
  • For track gauges from 39.4" to 65.7"
  • Radio remote control on road and rail
  • Traction capacity: approx. 770 - 1,100 tons on straight level track
  • Dimensions (approx.): 148" (length) x 91" (width) x 47" (height)




See How It Works



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Maxi Rail Car Mover LPG/Gas/Diesel


The Maxi Railcar Mover offers maneuverability, cost-effective operation, and multi-directional capabilities heretofore unknown in the railroad/rail transit maintenance shop. The expense of purchasing and maintaining large vehicle shunting equipment is virtually eliminated. The Maxi Railcar Mover, powered by a 20 HP gasoline, diesel, LPG, or Battery engine utilizes its own weight to develop the required friction on the rail to effect the movement. Hydraulically powered wheels are engaged to start and stop the shunting operation, which can be in either direction. The Maxi Railcar Mover is ruggedly designed to provide years of low cost shunting service in your equipment maintenance area.


  • Length: Approx. 80 inches
  • Width: Approx. 69 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 4400 pounds
  • Running Wheels (hydraulically powered, steel, with hard rubber tires) Dia. = 11.8 inches
  • Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels (pneumatic) Dia. = 19.7 inches
  • Thrust Capacity: Approx. 220 tons on level plane
  • Engine: Double cylinder, HONDA engine, gasoline (standard) - LPG and diesel options available.
  • Output: 20 HP
  • RPM: 3600
  • Speed: 0 - 3.1 MPH in forward or reverse
  • Fuel consumption (gasoline): 1/2 gal /hour
  • Radio controlled option available



  • Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels in the lowered position, the railcar mover is moved under its own power to the track location.
  • The railcar mover is positioned on the rails, and the Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels are moved to the raised position.
  • The railcar mover is driven into position at the end of the vehicle to be moved.
  • If the car is to be moved by the coupler, the car is secured to the railcar mover by means of a custom built mechanical coupler (E Type or transit coupler) or tow bar.
  • With the maxi railcar mover in place, the unit can be engaged to move the car in either direction.


See How it works


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